Transporting & Carrying Art Materials

Have you ever tried to create outside far from home? Were there any occasions you had to load your canvases and carry them to painting courses or maybe for a gallery show? Did you happen to travel with artists' materials? And by plane? The situations may vary but the problem remains the same: how to transport and carry your art supplies without damage and preserve the ideal appearance of your artworks. We're not ready to risk your art tools and ruin your creative works, so we have gathered here all the necessary products for the safe transporting & carrying of art materials. We offer a variety of bags and backpacks for art supplies, art portfolios, tubes, cases, trolleys and mobile storage carts. These will assist you in packing, carrying, and shipping of your valuable artworks, drawing and painting tools both down the street and half the world away.

What to choose for transporting & carrying of art materials

When it comes to transporting of art supplies, it is clear that their safety and integrity should be a first and foremost task of carrying & transporting art materials. But besides that, the most valuable qualities for packing and shipping are their lightweight yet durability and minimum space requirements. These allow you to save on shipping and ensure the ideal state of your art tools and supplies.

Art supply bags and totes

Pack a whole bunch of art supplies in your carry bag and have them all in one place. Carry your bag by the comfortable handles or wear it over the shoulder using a strap.

If you want to save space, choose a non-rigid material tote bag. Fill it up with loads of art stuff for a travel and fold it compactly once emptied.

In case you need to put your art supplies into a proper order, choose palette bags. They provide a perfect opportunity to organize painting and drawing tools. Using these bags you can always keep your artists' tools handy wherever you may need them.

Art cases and pouches

Among cases and pouches for art supplies, you may find pouches for carrying and transporting various artists' materials as well as for packing specific art supplies. These will protect your brushes, pencils, paper, canvas pads from external influences.

Paintbrush cases and pouches will help you organize your painting tools and transport them easily. Paintbrush carrying cases are available in different styles and sizes, so you'll surely find what you need.

Packing and wrapping paper

Be sure your art supplies are packed properly. If you plan to send them to some distant place or transport them during a long period of time, it's better to use wrapping paper for secure protection of your working tools and supplies. Apply it to seal your package or fill in the empty spaces around your art media. This will protect the contents from leaking, breaking, and just from scattering around your carrying and transporting bags.

Packing tapes

Check if your art supplies are loaded in a safe way: try to pack your painting and drawing tools so that they could stay fixed during a move. Ensure that cans and bottles with liquids are closed tightly and all your brushes, pens, and pencils are kept in a single place. In doing so, you prevent your carrying and transporting bags from turning up a mess. When everything's ready but you still hesitate whether your art supplies are packed safely that's where a packing tape comes in handy. Besides that, taping is the easiest way to keep your box or envelope with art supplies sealed. In this category, we've selected a wide range of special-purpose tapes for art packing and shipping that will securely keep your art supplies inside the package.

Art envelopes

For transporting different prints, art pads, and papers, you can use our art envelopes that will provide strong protection and secure storage of your artworks and documents. Moreover, a weight of these envelopes is usually insignificant so you won't spend much on shipping and delivery.

Resealing zipper bags

For protecting your painting and drawing pads, pack and storage them in resealing zipper bags. Put pens, pencils in them along with prints and artworks. Resealing zipper bags allow seeing the contents inside that's why they're often used for papers that are in constant use. In case you need to organize and carry important papers, cards, brochures, and so on, use our art carry folders.

Art & poster tubes

If your documents, art pads, and papers are too large for envelopes, take our mailing and transporting tubes on board. These art tubes will be an ideal solution for packing and shipping of your flat art media. It’s important to mention that poster carrying tubes are commonly made of durable and lightweight materials, plastic or fiberboard. That also allows you to save on shipping while ensuring the safety of your art supplies.

Art portfolios

For protecting and transporting your drawings, sketches, and documents, we also carry a large selection of artists’ carrying portfolios that will securely close and house valued contents. There are products featuring handles, adjustable shoulder straps, reinforced corners on the bottom and smooth-running zippers.

Air travel tips for transporting & carrying of art materials

Here we've prepared some practical tips for you on setting up an ultimate travel packing checklist. This will not only help you get rid of worries and anxieties to forget something but also travel freely by plane without concerns about security checks.

If you like traveling and your art supplies are your usual companion, you definitely know about security check restrictions on transporting some artists' items and materials. So, what's allowed to carry on a plane? And how to pack your art supplies if you take a plane? Let's find out the main rules you should know about transporting & carrying of art materials on a plane.

  • The first important point to note while packing your baggage is that it's better to pack your art supplies apart from other things. The purpose of this is to simplify the baggage check if needed.

  • As to the hand baggage, you may put papers, canvases, brushes and different dry art mediums in there.

  • Liquid art mediums go into the checked-in baggage if possible. There must be no flammable or combustible materials. This refers mainly to spraying cans, varnishes, solvents, and other art mediums with warning labels.

  • To avoid problems and unnecessary questions, transport art supplies in their original containers.

  • Irrespective of hand or checked-in baggage, keep liquid-based mediums in waterproof bags in order to avoid leaks.

Tips on choosing supplies for transporting & carrying of art materials

There are situations when you have to keep your artworks and art supplies about yourself and when buying new art supplies and tools at the location is not an option. This happens because new mediums may differ from those in your art studio or there may be no art store with necessary supplies close at hand or anywhere around.

The idea itself of traveling with art supplies can be intimidating, however, there are few tricks on how to pack art supplies for travel that'll reduce your anxiety.

  • As practice shows, dry watercolor pans are the safest bet when it comes to traveling with art supplies. These are dry and do not require special solvents and varnishes for your painting job. All you need are paper pads, brushes, watercolors themselves, and some water you can easily get nearly everywhere.

  • For safe carrying and transporting of your art tools, there are many roll-up pencil and brush holders available. They feature different pockets to hold your painting and drawing tools and provide friendly conditions for their safety and integrity.

  • For storing and transporting of a variety of art materials from your art studio, use art storage bins. These are perfect for safe and compact storage of different artists' materials in one place.  

Drawing up a checklist for transporting & carrying of art materials

  • Think ahead about art supplies you'll need for your travel and draw up a checklist for the things you'll take with you. Keeping records will help you not only to prepare all the necessary tools and art mediums but also not to lose or unintentionally leave them somewhere.  

  • Choose art mediums you're going to work with during a travel.

  • Pick up colors for your travel. Believe it or not, you don’t have to save space on a variety of colors. It's better to make a choice in favor of a larger number of small tubes instead of building up a minimum color set of large bottles.

  • Take the relevant art tools if you work with paints. Consider taking lightweight portable artists' materials.

  • Take care of art cleaning supplies you may need. These are usually for cleaning hands, art tools and correction of some mistakes. If you're not sure what to choose, take a look at our buying guide on Art Cleaning Supplies.

  • Take pencils along to do sketches and make notes.

  • Provide yourself with painting and drawing surfaces.

  • Consider different options for transporting & carrying of art materials to make your travel easier.

  • Do not forget to refresh your travel kit regularly.

Aside from the traveling function, building a travel art kit can also help you organize your art studio and eliminate excesses of art supplies.


We hope you'll find this buying guide on transporting & carrying of art materials to be helpful and we've managed to inspire you on covering new ground.

Do not look for excuses, pack your trunks and start your art adventures!

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