Art Cleaning Supplies

A mess in the art studio is not an infrequent occurrence. And cleaning this may seem the dullest and the most boring part of the creative activity. But here we're going to change your mind and provide you only with quality and effective art cleaning supplies. These will help you easily remove dust, unnecessary paint spills, accidental strokes, clean your art tools after working and also restore old paintings. With them, tidying up your art studio and washing tools is no longer a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, so you will not want to leave cleaning for later anymore. Make a helpful easy habit of it and create art and craft projects virtually without distracting from the process.

Why use art cleaning supplies

It's not a secret that keeping art supplies clean can extend their service life and enhance your painting and drawing experience. If not cleaned properly, tools may lose their qualities and become pretty useless. That's why we've selected here different art cleaning supplies that are meant to clean your art instruments and preserve their properties as long as possible.

Apart from that, it's important to keep in mind that it’s not advisable to clean all drawing and painting tools with the same materials. To this end, we have prepared this buying guide. Its purpose is to help you find the right fit exactly for your needs.

Depending on your working tool, choose relevant cleaning products and equipment.  

Art cleaning supplies for cleaning art tools

Brush washers

As was already mentioned above, painting and drawing tools can get bad if you let the paint dry out on them. Especially this refers to paintbrushes, as paint remnants make brush bristles hard dry and brittle if not cleaned after usage. Taking this, we carry a number of brush washers allowing for soft, convenient and thorough cleaning of your artists’ brushes.

Pour a liquid paint brush cleaner or restorer into the brush washer pot and get rid of even dried paint, enamel, and varnish on your brushes. By choosing artists’ paint brush cleaner solvents, the priority should be given to the type of paint you use.

Look for paint brush cleaner tool featuring a lid to prevent spills and evaporation of the solvents. If you're also getting a bit frantic about changing the solvent too often, choose brush washers with a lift-out receptacle that allows keeping residues at the bottom while fluid above stays clear.

Note, that a choice of solvents depends not only on the type of art mediums you use but also on the filling material of your brush bristles. Here it's important to mention that synthetic hairs can usually better withstand harsh cleaners than those in natural brushes.

Pen cleaning solutions

Just like brushes, writing and calligraphy pens require cleaning between changing colors. Besides, inks clog your pens over time if you forget to clean tools after using them. All that can hinder the smoothness and sharpness of lines. For this purpose, we carry special liquid pen cleansers capable of clearing out any inks from your lettering instruments and brushes.

Art cleaning supplies for airbrushes

In cleaning art supplies, particular attention should be given to airbrushes. These painting tools require careful treatment and regular, immediate cleaning after every usage. Otherwise, you risk not only the quality of spraying but also the integrity of the equipment. Here you can find a whole bunch of art cleaning supplies for airbrushes.

Artists' soaps

This category also includes hand soaps and special paint brush soaps for cleaning and erasing unwanted marks. These will effectively remove different types of paint, grease, and dirt.

Art cleaning supplies for restoration and on-the-go cleaning

Here we also offer different cleaning pads, cloths, and wipes for on-the-go dust, dirt, and oil stain treatment. Dry cleaning pads and cloths will gently remove wrong smudges and smears from your artwork without harmful chemicals.

For delicate cleaning of the surface, use our dry cleaning sponges where water or solvents can damage your artwork. The sponges will pick up dust, hair, soot, and other stubborn dirt from any surface. There are wipe out tools using which you can pull or push the paint away if something went wrong with painting near corners or edges.

To remove debris and apply aqueous cleaning solutions, you can also use our cotton balls. They absorb liquids and do not lint. If your work requires more precision and accuracy, there are cotton-tip applicators. In our store, you can also get picture cleaning kits that include cotton balls and applicators, sponges, cleaning gels, mineral spirits and have them all in one box.

Tips on cleaning your art studio

  • It is commonly known that the best way to keep something clean is to clean it out of hand. But there one more trick that allows you to do it with less effort: and this is to organize things properly. In our Storage & Organization category, you will find everything to have your art studio organized: special furniture, storage boxes, containers, cases, and other artists' supplies.  

  • You can also save your time by protecting surfaces with a cloth and wearing protective clothes and devices. They will help you keep your working area clean as well as ensure safety and health. Read more about these products in our buying guide on Safety & Health for Artists.

  • If it's stuffy in your art studio and you feel like paint odors and fumes disturb your work, try out our air purifiers. They will clear the air and make it fresh and safe. Learn more about air purifiers from our buying guide on Safety & Health for Artists.


We strive to be better and we're always working to improve your shopping experience. That's why we have selected here all the necessary art cleaning supplies to make cleaning in your art studio as easy as possible. If there are any other questions that you have about art cleaning supplies, do not hesitate to contact us.

Clean your art tools the right way and enjoy the process of creation!

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