Art and Craft Tracing Light Boxes

Improve your art and craft works with tracing light boxes from Artist Supply Source. Backlight a sheet of paper with a tracing box and enjoy the simplicity of tracing, drawing, drafting, and crafting. With artists’ light boxes, you won’t have to squint and strain your eyes in order to see the smallest details. It comes naturally when you draw with light from our tracing boxes and tables underneath. Besides, buying a light box for drawing from us doesn’t require much expense as we offer cheap prices on all products, regularly run special offers and discounts.

What is a tracing light box and how does it work

Actually, light boxes for drawing and tracing are incredibly simple and at the same time useful devices. Usually, they feature a rectangular or square shaped case topped with a translucent surface which is backlit with light bulbs or LED strips. Depending on these light fixtures, light boxes can have thinner or thicker body and provide from super bright to soft daylight illumination. So, when choosing one, pay attention to the intensity of light which is more comfortable for you. Also, decide upon whether you need a portable tracing light box or a corded one. The former, battery powered, give you the freedom of movement and independence from the power grid. While the latter provide better durability and reliability.

How can I use a tracing box

If you have never used a tracing light box before, it would be useful to know that many artists and craftspeople can harness their skills more effectively with them.

  • First, light boxes for drawing help save time immensely. No, really. They allow for tracing over details and patterns you would merely kill the time on while drawing freehand.

  • Secondly, tracing boxes provide excellent conditions for creating the finest lines and shading you would never draw without a backlight.

  • Next, art light boxes are a nice way to sharpen one’s skills and build a muscle memory while tracing letters, for example. Especially this is helpful for kids as tracing is easy and makes them feel more confident about their abilities.

  • Furthermore, light boxes work well not only with paper but also with fabrics. And this is what quilters and sewers can use to their benefit.

  • In case you work with very thin paper where pencil can injure it or you use transparent paints, like watercolors, such light box can easily help you out. Just place the blank sheet of paper over the base sketch on it and start to paint.

  • Animators will understand. Art and craft light boxes make it possible to create animation frames and not to draw them every time by hand.

In other words, tracing with artists’ light boxes can take your art artworks to a whole new level. And at Artist Supply Source we are always happy to help you with that.

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