Roll File Storage

Organize, store, and move around blueprints, drafts, drawings, maps, and large documents easily with roll file storage boxes and carts from Artist Supply Source. We carry a number of paper roll storage options so that you could find the right one for you.

What roll file storage solutions we offer

Within this category, it’s possible to speak of

  • cardboard blueprint holders and

  • wire upright roll file storage carts.

What they have in common is multiple compartment openings to accommodate, hold, and protect rolled papers. You can keep there rolled documents, maps, and plans as they are or put them in poster tubes before placing in boxes for added safety.

Which roll file storage option is best for you

However, there is still a slight difference in usage between these roll file organizers. If you’re looking for cheap permanent storage of large papers, opt for roll file storage boxes made of corrugated cardboard. They’ll provide enough protection to the insides and due to a reinforced bottom, your rolled papers will surely stay in place.

Wire bin roll file storage carts, on the other hand, suit better for upright storage and transporting of rolled documents. And swivel casters will ensure high mobility of a cart.

Either option provides a quick access to the contents and, besides, you can mark them with identification labels if needed.


Here, we’ve selected for you the best storage boxes and mobile wire upright roll file carts from Alvin, Safco, and Advanced Organizing Systems. All of them are easy-to-assemble and provide a cheap way to store and transport rolled papers and poster tubes both at home and in the office.

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