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One of the decisive advantages of using drawing boards is plenty of space they provide for your creative work and handwriting. The choice between chalkboards and whiteboards is only up to you to make. Both offer a number of pros and cons depending on your application and for some purposes, they can be easily interchanged. Chalkboards and whiteboards come in different sizes and materials that work well for each specific need. If you are into arts and crafts, flexible dry erase board sheets are a good choice. And if you are a teacher, you may find whiteboard rolls really helpful. Whether it is a chalkboard or whiteboard, there will be certainly enough space to play a variety of games with kids, write down important info and ideas for discussion and brainstorming, or make a creative menu for dinner.

Application of chalkboards

This kind of drawing boards is commonly used in children's playrooms and classrooms. But you can see them often in kitchens, craft breweries, and bistros. Chalkboards can be a good solution for design and artwork too. By altering the pressure you apply to chalks you can change their coloring and shading qualities. These drawing boards can be also a good option for people who likes the idea of having some inspirational quotes on the wall, writing down important thoughts, or leave a message for his or her other half if they missed each other for a short while or just in order to remind how much one appreciates the other. Sounds kind of romantic, isn't it? But let's go back to the point.

The most frequently chalkboards still serve as a standard teaching tool. And that is why: younger students learn handwriting better with chalks as chalks are easy to hold and they forgive some sloppiness in writing letters. Besides, students learn to keep their hands steady and write at one go. With chalkboards, it is easy to write single letters and words, phrases, and short sentences. They can be also of use for drawing up simple drafts, patterns, and diagrams. You can also use colored chalks to make some words stand out and look more structured. Or you can add some fun to simple games by using different colors. That is the options are nearly limitless, just use your imagination.

Benefits of using chalkboards and who needs to use them with caution

As mentioned above, chalkboards are easy to clean and maintain. And what's more important they do not require any special tools or equipment to keep them clean and tidy. For that purpose, just wipe it out with a damp cloth and your chalkboard will look like new again. On top of that, chalks are quite cheap so you can replace them without too much expense if compared with a cost of whiteboard markers.

Although chalkboard can boast these many advantages, their use is not limitless for everyone. As working with chalkboards and chalk can be pretty dusty, people with respiratory diseases and allergies should use them with caution. For another thing, chalk dust creates a fair bit of cleaning. This includes not only the board itself but also handwashing and whatever you had a chance to touch before you notice chalk on your hands.

Application of whiteboards

In common with chalkboards, whiteboards are great surfaces for practicing different school tasks like word spelling and math problem-solving. Such whiteboards often come with preprinted lines and lettering that are especially helpful in music and geometry classes. To that end, you may use colored markers that will help to remember important information and highlight main ideas. Moreover, the choice of colors is far wider than those of chalks. Though markers cannot offer shading effect because of opaque bold lines.

Whiteboards have a simple and modern look and offer a smooth and highly efficient surface. This makes them an ideal tool for modern classrooms and startup businesses. It is a commonly known fact that a data on the white surfaces sits better with a reader, so with a whiteboard, it is easier to draw the audience's attention and engage people in a teamwork. In addition, people read and comprehend information faster if it is a black data on the white ground.

Benefits of using whiteboards

People often make their choice in favor of whiteboards as using them doesn't require chalk and leave no dust. Correct whiteboard cleaning will help you to make them look always clean and avoid film collection.

As to the sustainability of materials used in the production of drawing boards, whiteboards and chalkboards are seemingly equal. But here we cannot help mentioning the writing utensils for them. In comparison to non-recyclable polypropylene markers, chalk is actually of a natural origin. So, if an eco-friendliness is a crucial factor for you, you will probably decide on a chalkboard.


We hope this short buying guide on chalkboards and whiteboards will be helpful in choosing a right drawing board option for your needs. All our drawing boards are made of light and durable materials. Due to this you can move them around easily and do not care about scratches on the surface.

Best of luck and success in your future endeavors!

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