Find an ultimate tool among our magnifiers for your precision art and craft projects and ensure comfortable working conditions. These will improve your work at the crafting table and help you with domestic chores. Use them to complete different tasks that require pretty good accuracy and precision. With our magnifiers, it's simple to enlarge things and save yourself some trouble with eye strain while working on small details. Or put a magnifying lamp on your table to magnify and illuminate objects. They will assist you in a fine work and facilitate the lighting in your working area.

What to look for when choosing a magnifier

Any thoroughly worked through tiny piece of art or DIY project always looks great. But it can also come at a cost to your eye health or rather to your vision acuity. So, if you have ever run into a problem with tear shedding or eye strain, a magnifier is probably a way to tackle your issue. That's why we've gathered here different types of magnifiers that can supplement and upgrade your workplace. Here you will find a variety of general purpose magnifiers, doublet loupes, LED lighted magnifiers, LED lighted pocket microscopes, handheld or stand magnifiers and desktop magnifying lamps.

Take care of proper visibility and choose a magnifying tool that will match exactly to your needs. Search for a clip-on spectacle magnifier to work with both hands or work under the light of a tabletop magnifying lamp. The latter allows for the stability due to a rigid base. Besides, you can point the light in the necessary direction with a flexible gooseneck. Tilt it and adjust to an ideal height for even more comfort by working.

There are also magnifying lamps with sturdy clamps. They allow for different positioning options like a workbench, a desktop, an armchair, or wherever you may need it.

The specifications listed below will help you to find a perfect magnifier and ensure an optimal magnification for your job:

  • magnification ratio,

  • focal length,

  • a field of view provided by a chosen magnifier,

  • a proper balance between the lens within your workspace.

Application of magnifiers

Take a closer look at your project with our magnifiers or provide an additional assistance to weak eyes. Anyway, our magnifying tools will be an indispensable aid for your detailed tasks. Read, do crossword puzzles, knit, assemble scale models, paint, and draw with an enlarged view while preventing your eyes from straining. You'll be certainly surprised with the clear view and the simplicity of their use. With them, it's possible to lay emphasis on every minute detail and work out the finest art patterns. Use magnifiers for a variety of art and craft projects. Make jewelry, repair electronics and many other tasks that require meticulous attention to detail. These devices also will be a relief for people with aging eyes and for those who suffer from macular degeneration.


Art and craft works elaborated down to the smallest detail always deserve praise and admiration. But there is no need to put all your effort and strain your eyes while trying to distinguish every tiny detail. With our magnifiers, you'll be able to perform every tricky task and cope with any tedious project without eye strain. Using them it is possible to do many different handworks requiring thorough inspection and high level of lighting. Browse our selection of magnifiers and magnifying lamps and you will definitely find one for your needs and budget. Here we gathered for you different types of magnifying lamps, LED lighted lenses, and general purpose magnifiers so that you could pick out the ideal magnifier right for you.

Make your art and craft work easier with our magnifiers and enjoy the process of creation.

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