Bulletin Boards

There is a variety of bulletin boards options to choose from. But are you sure it will respond exactly to your needs? Maybe you need some other type or even something else in addition it? If the answers are not apparent, this buying guide will be useful to you. On this page, you will find all the necessary info you may need to know for choosing the right bulletin board.

Application of bulletin boards

Bulletin boards provide an elegant and compelling way to keep your notes, papers, and photos organized so that you can have them all in one place. Items on your board can be easily moved and replaced what ensures a fast and easy messaging. This can be a good option for both internal and external display for home as well as for business projects. With these boards, it is possible to facilitate office communication, to present your ideas, effectively discuss and brainstorm solutions to different problems, or maybe just to decorate your room. They are available in different sizes, designs, and materials. For this reason, you will surely find the proper board that meets your requirements.    

Depending on the workflow your bulletin board needs to endure make your choice in favor of heavy-duty magnetic fabric boards, stylish fabric, or economical cork bulletin boards for light traffic use. Let's take here a closer look at different bulletin board options you may choose from.

Types of bulletin boards

Cork bulletin boards

These are easy to use and effective pin-holding boards for infrequent uses. They come in natural and colored cork finishes with aluminum, wood, and plastic frame options.

Fabric bulletin boards

These boards also provide enough durability but their main benefit is in their look. Or, to be more precise, it is in the variety of options they provide for a stylish design. You can choose from different fabric surfaces that in addition make holes from pins invisible. That's why fabric bulletin boards are so popular in many professional workspaces.

Magnetic fabric bulletin boards

As said above, magnetic fabric bulletin boards are built for everyday use in high traffic areas. Their rugged construction ensures high durability of these boards. With a fiberboard backing and self-healing fabric surface, these boards can be used with two fastening means: both pins and magnets.

Choosing the right bulletin board for home and office

Bulletin boards for light use

These usually come in cork finish and commonly find their application in offices. As neither natural nor synthetic cork can withstand frequent pins this type of bulletin boards serves better for personal work areas and low traffic public places. That is, they work better for occasional usage or for holding posts during long periods of time.

Bulletin boards for moderate use

These are a good choice for daily use. They offer a modern design and a number of frame solutions that will provide a neat and durable tool for your office and different common areas. Such boards will retain their sleek look for a long time due to self-healing fabric and foam surfaces. These boards will serve efficiently for cyclical use in different professional environments such as waiting rooms, conference halls.

Bulletin boards for heavy use

The most reliable and highly durable bulletin board option for your office will be magnetic fabric boards. The main advantage of this board type lies in its ability to hold posted photos and documents without pins. This means that your board will be able to withstand daily use and won't wear out, fade, or crumble. Thanks to a fabric coating it will preserve its appealing look for a long period of time. These boards also offer a variety of framing and style options that work well for different public facilities like schools, factories, receptions, and medical centers.


Here, we selected a number of boards for organizing and decorating your classroom and office. We hope our short buying guide on bulletin boards has been helpful to you and fetched you all the necessary info on choosing the right one for you!

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