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Good lighting is a subject matter for any artistic work, that's why we work to ensure your working conditions and seek to provide you with quality lighting equipment. Our aim is to help you choose the proper art supplies exactly for your projects. That’s why we offer here different table lamps for any art hobby and craft such as magnifier lamp lights, swing arm, and adjustable clip-on lamps, and also accessories to them.

Reasons to buy lamps and lamp accessories for your art projects

Our lamps and accessories to them are to improve the lighting in your room and make it close to the daylight quality as it is considered to be the most appropriate illumination for a human eye. Especially it proves true in fine precision jobs. Without proper lighting, artists couldn't have mixed the desired shades and hues of paint colors. As well as illustrators couldn't have achieved drawing lines as thin and sharp as needed. The right amount and quality of light, however, creates favorable conditions for the human eye. So that it is possible to say that lighting affects your visual perception in terms of sharpness and color sensitivity. In addition, proper lighting reduces eye strain and prevents declines in visual acuity.

Options for lamps and lamp accessories

Most lamps from our selection offer a flexible and ergonomic design. This means they are easily adjustable to your needs due to adaptable arms and swivel heads, you can tilt and turn them exactly to your project requirements. Among them, there are table lamps featuring a base and those coming with a table clamp for mounting them to different surfaces. They are built specifically for drafting, art and craft projects but they can suit perfectly also for everyday use.

Some of them allow for setting the desired brightness what makes them even more convenient for daily work. Of particular interest here are magnifying lamps. They are intended for the work with small details requiring precision in assembly, inspection or design. These are versatile tools that can be also helpful for artists and workers with poor eyesight. While large photo lights will improve your work with photography and portraiture in the art studio.

In this category, you will find also replacement light bulbs and clamps for all lamps presented.

Tips on choosing lamps and accessories to them

You may find them obvious but anyway there are certain points to consider by choosing lamps for drafting and drawing:

  • an ability to illuminate and show natural colors and their hues accurately;

  • a balance of light warmth and coolness. The warmer your lighting is, the more reddish yellow color your artwork receives in your eyes. The cooler your illumination is, the more blue color your artwork seems to get;

  • the luminosity or brightness of illumination. Sometimes it's better to add a couple of fixtures than working in the under-illuminated studio;

  • replacement light bulbs, or rather their compatibility with your fixtures.


We hope you found this short buying guide on lamps and lamp accessories helpful. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Get pleasure while working with our lighting equipment and go on creating beautiful art projects!

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