Furniture For Artists

Here, on the ArtistSupplySource, we strive to ensure the best conditions and provide the best quality supplies for artists and crafters. That's why we carry a vast array of art studio supplies and furniture for every need and budget. This includes different pieces of furniture for artists, such as

  • hobby & craft tables,

  • drafting table & chair sets and accessories to them,

  • drawing table storage trays,

  • drafting supply cabinets,

  • art taborets.

They are designed to improve your working conditions and facilitate your creativity and skills development. As a pleasant addition, you can always find discounts on various products on the ArtistSupplySource.

Hobby & craft tables

An art desk or drafting table is one of the most essential parts of any artist's working area. This is what gives you a specially adapted space to create and organize your art tools and supplies. With this versatile furniture for artists, you'll be able to keep your working surface always clean and have your painting and drawing tools at hand.

Our hobby & craft tables come with smooth and adjustable tabletops. That’s why they provide enough surface for your creative activities and ensure comfort and simplicity of working. For that matter, they can perfectly fit for various types of projects. Among artists' tables, you can find both that are intended only for the use in the art studio and those collapsible ones for easy transport.

Drafting table & chair sets and accessories to them

For more comfort, we also suggest you choose drafting chairs and stools from our selection of furniture for artists. Or you can make things even easier and buy drafting table & chair combination sets. Here you will also find different accessories for your art studio furniture.  

If a back support is a matter for you, decide in favor of drafting chairs. These come with a backrest, so you won't need to stoop and bend over your table. Moreover, there are drafting chairs that have armrests. And some artists' chairs feature wheels and offer more mobility as you can move around the art studio without even leaving your desk.

If you prefer working with an easel or your project requires remaining upright, we recommend that you choose one of our drafting stools. These include also drafting stools featuring wheels and stools you can collapse and fold up for convenient transport.

Drafting supply cabinets

Thinking of an art studio, a clutter is the first what comes to mind. But this stigma won't follow your own studio if you organize it properly. To do so, you can add some more pieces of furniture for artists, such as drafting supplies cabinets and different artist studio organizers. They will help you to keep unneeded art supplies away from your workplace and store them for the next use. In addition, some specific art organizers allow for thorough and efficient arrangement of certain types of painting and drawing materials. Browse our selection of drafting supplies cabinets and find a perfect piece of storage furniture for your art studio.

Art taborets

An art taboret can also be a brilliant art studio furniture idea for keeping different art supplies from paint brushes to drawing paper. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, your choice of this art studio storage furniture will depend entirely on your artistic needs.

Tips on choosing furniture for artists

Concerning the choice of furniture for artists, there are several points to consider:

  • Your working space. Try to find a piece of furniture that takes up the right amount of space in your art studio. On the one hand, it should provide enough space for your creative work but on the other, it shouldn't be too large.

  • Types of your projects. Choose art studio supplies and furniture according to your project specific requirements.

  • Features your art studio furniture needs to have. When picking out one, take into account whether your project requires some flexibility or not. For example, you can choose between adjustable and rigid tabletops.

  • The exterior design of a chosen piece of art furniture and its compatibility with your room interior.


We hope this short buying guide will help you choose the right piece of furniture for artists and embody your art studio furniture ideas. There are broad options for art studio furniture and equipment for both adults and kids.

Good luck and lots of success in your creative work!

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