Painting Canvas

Canvas for painting comes in different forms and materials, the choice of which depend on the specified requirements for your artwork. Artist painting surfaces are meant to accept different paints and provide appropriate painting support. Before buying read the following information below and decide on the material you need.

Types of canvas materials

  • Linen canvas

Linen canvas is considered the most valuable, as it offers high durability and does not tend to expansion or contraction however it stays supple longer than other painting fabrics. Linen canvases come in a range of thicknesses and weights from smooth and light to rough and heavy.

  • Cotton canvas

This painting material is a lower-priced alternative to linen. It is more susceptible to warping due to moisture and damp weather, but it still provides an acceptable painting support usually for student works.

Forms of painting canvas

  • Stretched canvas

This form of canvases provides the same quality as roll canvases, but does not need to be stretched and cut. It also benefits from stretching by machines, as such canvases are more flat and consistent.

  • Canvas panels

These are of a great value for students and beginners, as canvas panels provide temporary painting support and can suit every pocket, but they are not for the long-term storage.

  • Canvas boards

Canvas boards are intended for use by students, beginners and also professionals, as they offer convenient and affordable painting support. They come in pieces of predetermined sizes, that are glued or pasted to a backing board. Some canvas boards are devised with primers and special clay composites.

  • Canvas paper

Canvas paper is a low cost painting surface that can meet your every need, as it does not require stretching or priming, and it can be cut to the necessary size. This form of canvas suits perfectly for studying and quick sketching.

  • Rolled canvas

Rolled canvas allows for custom sizes and shapes to be cut, that makes it less convenient in comparison to other forms, as this canvas requires certain skills to cut it, stretch and prime.

Canvas stretching supplies

To make a canvas of a necessary size, shape and to fix it in a certain state of stretching artists use various canvas stretching supplies, such as canvas tacks and staples, canvas pliers, and frame clips. They come in different sizes, styles and materials, usually these are wood and aluminium.

In our store you will find different stretching kits and canvases for amateur and professional use at low prices.
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