Calculators have become an integral part of our lives and their impact cannot be overstated. We use them at home, school and office to make simple and complex calculations in a quick and easy way.

General information about pocket calculators

Modern handheld calculators combine eco-friendly and high performance technology, that makes them not only essential aid for business, school lessons, finance and accounting, but the relevant technology having a beneficial effect on the environment and not causing damage. Due to their ergonomic design and user-friendly interface these compact and portable calculators offer convenience and simplicity of operation accessible for older adults and for on the go usage. In addition there are calculators with tilted displays reducing glare while viewing them outdoors and in different lighting conditions.

Many our calculators are powered both from the battery and solar energy, that makes these small pieces of electronics long-lasting and reliable appliances. They perform several basic functions, such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, square root, and percentage, and also include some memory operations. These basic calculators commonly meet professional, educational, and personal requirements in everyday life and work.

Buying the best handheld calculator in our store

Browse our selection of pocket calculators and choose from simple and professional-grade electronic equipment, such as construction calculators for engineering and building professionals, financial calculators for contractors and purchasing agents, and other personnel dealing with money. In this category you will find various calculators with different functions for general and special uses.
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