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Stencils and Architectural Templates: Lifesavers for Those Who Cannot Draw

A lot of people enjoy hand-drawn artwork, but do not create their own, because they lack the ability to sketch even remotely recognizable objects. For these folks, it can be a completely nerve-wracking experience to try and draw something. Unfortunately, they may have to do so one day — for their job, or for a social gathering. When that day comes, they can find the life-saving stencils and architectural templates they will need to get the job done quickly and correctly for sale at their local arts and crafts store.

Stencil craft is a boon to anyone that has to decorate something for a social event, like a gift or card, but is afraid to for fear of completely ruining it. Stencils are cheap, and consist of pieces of cardboard or thin metal that have designs cut out of them. To make artwork with them, people simply lay them over blank surfaces, and spray or brush paint over the cut-out parts. When the stencils are removed, brilliantly colored images that look like they were drawn by professional artists will remain behind.

Stencils can be used to put adornments on almost anything. There are large ones for decorating walls, and tiny ones for embellishing greeting cards and food items such as cupcakes. Many people also use stencils to decorate their clothing with personalized designs. This is known as screen-printing, and it is done by laying a fine wire screen bearing a design made of stencil film on top of an unadorned clothing item. Paint is then forced through the parts of the screen not covered by the stencil, leaving a new design behind on the item underneath. Some folks create their own stencils to do this with. Others will visit an online store where, for a slightly higher price, they can buy all sorts of stencils to use.

Templates, which are similar to stencils, can also be extremely helpful in the workplace for lots of people. Architects, for example, have to draft plans for buildings their customers want constructed. Those plans must show every detail that will be found in the structures once they are finished, including windows, countertops, toilets, and sinks. They have to show exterior features, like roofing tiles and paving stones, too. Architectural templates help the draftsmen put in all of these smaller details with precision, so anyone studying the blueprints will know exactly what they are at first glance. House planning templates are akin to architectural templates, but include traceable features more commonly found in the schematics for domiciles, such as bathtubs, showers, and major household appliances.

Teachers are another group of people that benefit from having handy templates stored in their desks, especially if they cannot draw. They can use lettering templates and boldly colored markers to make fact-filled posters for their classroom walls. Ellipse templates and circle templates let them create maps of various solar systems for their students. There are even helpful flow chart templates, which teachers can trace onto clear laminate sheets and display before their classes on overhead projectors. To find other templates for classroom usage, teachers can visit their local arts and crafts stores. If they have difficulty finding specific cutouts, however, they might have to order them through an online catalog.

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