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Going every time into your bag and examining it for the necessary pen or pencil is probably not the best idea. Besides, this way of keeping your art tools is not only awkward but also inefficient and even damaging to your supplies. To resolve this issue and organize your writing and drawing tools you can use our pencil cases and pouches. With them, you won't need to spend time rifling through all the contents of your backpack as every pencil finds its own place inside of such cases. Put in them your pens, pencils, and various small personal items and keep your art tools always handy while protecting them from accidental breakage or loss.

Who can benefit from art pencil cases and pouches

Actually, anyone can use them to their advantage. On the market, there is a broad variety of pencil cases that can meet any of your specific needs. Whether you are a professional artist, designer, or a school student, we can offer you an ideal pencil carrying and storage option. Many working professionals, students, artists, and travelers consider pencil cases as one of the critical support supplies. As artist pencil pouches provide a number of useful features, it would be wrong not to take advantage of them for your purposes. Take a pencil case along for a travel, carry your pencils daily to school, work, or just keep and organize your drawing tools in them for the use at home. Anyway, our art pouches will help you carefully arrange, store, carry, and protect the contents and at the same time prevent your bag from turning up a mess.

Which art pencil case to choose

In our store, we've selected different types of artists pencil pouches so that you could surely find the right one for you. Well, let's find out what types of art pencil cases exist and which one is better for you.

Zipper pencil pouches

These are kind of a classic style art pouches. Such soft pencil cases feature a zip up closure that securely locks art tools inside the case, thus ensuring their safe storing. You can find zipper pencil pouches as single cases as well as those with lots of compartments. This type of pencil cases will be an efficient and versatile solution for those who need to carry their art supplies around.

Wallet pencil cases

Despite their low capacity, these small pencil cases have a number of benefits over other types. They provide a perfect visibility along with a portable slim and compact design. So, these pencil cases are a good option for carrying a few drawing tools when a diversity is not a necessity. Usually, pencil wallets are sufficient for most students and for people who use pens and pencils once in a while.

Book style pencil cases

This type of art pencil cases commonly features high capacity and can boast of a number of pockets and compartments. For added safety, there is a hinge on the outside of the case so you can be sure everything remains inside. Although such book pencil cases can be a bit hefty, they will be a good choice for many artists and art school students.

Artists’ roll-up pencil cases

These art pencil cases combine the large capacity of the book case type and great visibility of wallet pencil pouches. Due to softer materials than with book pencil cases, roll-up cases wrap up into a neat little bundle. Besides, the tie cord and the flap on the top will help to keep the contents inside. Just as in the case with book cases, pen and colored pencil roll-up cases will be an excellent solution for many artists and working professionals. However, these art pencil pouches cannot offer as much protection as those of a book type.

Convertible pencil cases

These art pencil cases differ from other types by their multi-functional design. You can easily convert this pouch into a pencil holder. If you have limited space on your desk, a convertible pencil case is the right fit for you. Thanks to a small footprint, such colored pencil case organizers take up little space on the table while providing enough visibility.

Pencil trays

This type of pencil cases offers the most comfortable way to store, carry, and organize your drawing tools. It allows for easy access to your art supplies and gives clear visibility of the contents inside. Our tray pencil cases can be a nice option for both professional artists and art school students.

What to look for when choosing an art pencil case

As you may have already noticed, pencil cases and pouches differ not only by their shape and capacity but also by their material. Generally, your choice is to decide between soft and hard cases. Here, we're not going to tell you that one or another pencil pouch is better. But we want to give you some objective reasons for buying the perfect one for you. To put it simply, the harder your pencil case is, the more protection for your art supplies it can offer. But the point is that such cases are not necessary for everyone. It makes sense to get one if you are a traveler or you need to transport your art tools during a long period of time. In most other cases, a soft pencil pouch is quite enough.

If you make a choice in favor of a hardtop pencil case, it's important to think about other art supplies you're going to carry along with it. Take care to ensure that your hard pencil case doesn't scratch the other contents of your bag or backpack.

Be sure that there is enough place inside the chosen case for all the necessary art tools. Also, pay attention to multiple pockets and spaces it may have for carrying tools and art supplies of different sizes.

How to get your pencil pouch organized

  • Put inside the pencil case only those items you're going to use.

  • Check your art tools every now and then. Get rid of old empty pens and pencils. They merely take up space and do not add any value.

  • Try something new and test which tools you can do without.

  • Use elastic bands to tie art supplies together and securely fix them.

  • However, do not forget that you should still have an easy access to all of your drawing tools.


So, we hope this info was helpful and now you know better which pencil case or pouch is best for your needs.

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