Blueprint and Art Flat Files

Large papers and canvases, or to be precise their storage and transporting, have always been a pain in the neck for art and engineering professionals. When standard filing cabinets cannot offer enough space for them, flat files come into action. That's why we've selected here a whole range of storage options for various artworks and blueprints that can definitely meet your specific requirements. Learn more about different art storage cabinets in our buying guide on Art Flat Files.

Benefits of using art flat files

Art Flat Files are a nice way to protect your drawings, blueprints, maps, and plans from curls, creases, and other damages due to careless handling.

Your paper projects are not necessarily to take up much space in your room. Storing them in the art storage flat files can take the hassle out of constant organizing and reorganizing a special place for your paper works. Besides, with flat files, you can be pretty sure that nothing will happen to your artworks, documents, etc. They'll stay safe and sound without smudges, dust, dents, or breaks.

You can also use art flat files for storing unfinished or wet paintings to be sure the paints won't be rubbed off by accident. In our store, you'll find flat files for storing papers and canvases of different sizes, so that all your works can remain flat and undamaged.

Flat file cabinets commonly have several separate, non-collapsible drawers that can be also used for transporting of your flat artworks. Thanks to a rigid design, they can certainly ensure the safety of your precious projects.

Who uses art flat files

Flat files are the ultimate solution for storage and protection of your documents, drafts, paintings, drawings, posters, and more. These storage cabinets will create special places for your flat works and help to organize a work area for your new projects.

Flat file storage cabinets are an indispensable aid for artists, designers, architects, and many other specialists who need to keep their papers and canvases flat and without folding. By the same token, flat file cabinets enjoy popularity among students, support and administration services.

Art paper storage options

For your convenience, we have selected a number of oversized paper storage options that can meet all your specific needs. Our art and blueprint storage cabinets allow for flat, vertical, and in roll paper storage and organization. In this category, you will find

  • high bases for flat file

  • closed bases for flat files

  • vertical file & shelves for flat files

  • plan files with drawers

  • mobile vertical files

Using flat file cabinets, you can easily access your projects and keep your papers handy whenever you need them.

Choose a natural wood flat file cabinet that'll provide a classic look to your room or make a choice in favor of a metal flat file to refresh your interior design with some modern lines. Both finishes feature durable and rigid construction that can withstand the rigors of regular usage. Beyond that, art storage cabinets from our store include the manufacturer's warranty. So if you have any issues with the product quality, contact us.

Why order art flat files from Artist Supply Source

We are mindful of the importance of your work, so in this category, you can find only high-quality products from the reputable brands like Safco, Mayline, and SMI. These storage solutions can meet all your requirements concerning storage and organization of big papers and canvases. Once you buy a flat file you know it's absolutely worthy of its price. With art storage flat files, you'll forget about troubles with the safety of your work. These highly-efficient pieces of furniture will save the space in your room and perfectly complement your working area.

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