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If you have been on the lookout for books and DVDs related to arts and crafts, proves to be a great online store. This store features a collection of over 100 books and over 200 videos and DVD materials while are related to the arts on sale.

The store features all kinds of books and DVDs to buy from, ranging from bestsellers to some obscure names. Books and DVDs from big names such as Susan Scheewe, Zoltan Szabo, Betty Denton, Brian Dettmer, Marilyn White,  Bruce Blitz, Georgia Feazle, Robert Landry, Valerie Stewart, Zentangle, Velma Bartlemay, Reeves, Harvey Brown, Design Originals, Art Kerner, Bob Ross, Martin Weber and many other are available for purchase on the store.

The section features products on sale for all ages and categories and includes decorative painting books, crafts and hobbies books and many other videos and books which are made for kids and for adults as well to find interesting and indulge into. The craft tutorials, craft books will certainly appeal to anyone and will push them towards enjoying themselves in the world of art. The Book of Crafts is a highly recommended craft book and is a must have for anybody who is interested in the world of craft.

Painting is something that is enjoyed by all. However, very often, one requires a book or a guide to help them through the process. The web store features a wide range of painting books which include paint with water books for children, art books for kids, paint with water books for kids, the painted veil book, Tole painting books, paint it black book, paint with water coloring books, mouse paint books and face painting books, many of these being available for cheap.

There are many education related books as well in the catalog. Famous academic books such as Drawing techniques and Materials, Painting Techniques and Materials, and popular model building books are featured in the section. Book sculpture and other related books are also featured here. These include books for building plastic models, guides for model making, ceramics books, simple sculpture ideas and many other guides and books on sculpture ideas.

The store also features some renowned and established DVDs such as the Bob Ross DVD, the Bruce Blitz DVD, the Bill Blackman Seascape Oil Painting DVD and the hugely popular How to Draw DVD.

Our online store proves to have the widest and most comprehensive collections of painting and drawing books, guides and references and also vide material on anything that is related to the domain of arts and crafts. The price of the products as featured on the website offer great discounts to consumers off the retail price, and they prove to be quite cheap. Products can also be ordered in bulk depending on the stock and the availability.

Consumers can contact the website online or can directly call online to buy off the product catalog. The website offers a completely secure and safe shopping portal and dispatches the products with quick shipping, while ensuring that the product is well packaged and protected from damage. All books and DVDs that are ordered by the book are brand new and also feature the publisher's guarantee.

A proper refund policy also ensures that consumers get the best deal without having to undergo too much risk. If an item is damaged in transit, a refund will be entertained. However, the damage must be pointed out as soon as the delivery is made. Refunds are only processed within 14 days of receiving the product.

With such great discounts and a proper refund policy, not to mention the amazing collection of books and DVDs, this store is definitely worth visiting.
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