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Show Your Art Piece Proudly with Our Frame and Display Products!

So, the time has come and you have finished your newest masterpiece. After taking days to complete, your work of art is finally finished and it is time for you to marvel at the fruits of your labor. Whether it is a drawing that you are proud of, a watercolor painting you got just right or even a photograph snapped at the perfect moment, you are going to need the right tools to show off your work of art prominently and proudly. Our online store offers a variety of different products which help you display your work of art in a way that is right for you.

We carry all kinds of items to help you show or store your art. Our variety of adjustable clamps let you keep many art pictures together or even attach fixed lighting and lamps to your drafting station to show off your newest piece. We also offer different adhesive fixture products to fix your art pieces on walls, ceilings and more without ever damaging the art piece itself. If you are looking to keep many different works binded together, consider viewing our selection of binder clips and clamp strips. Our photo cables and magnets are other great ways to display a number of different pictures while hanging them from a wall. We also have a variety of all around tools that help with framing and displaying your art.

Our online catalog also offers various tools you'll need to hang your art projects. The Logan Studio Clamp acts as a frame joiner when you are looking to adjust your picture frame with adhesive glue. This angle clamp can reduce dry time when joining frames by up to fifty percent, and comes fully assembled with instructions for use. The Logan Fitting Tool helps drive commonly used frame inserts. The unique swivel design completely minimizes slipping and bending and is built with an easily adjustable foot. Our store also offers others tools such as tweezers, nettle nose pliers and multi tools to make your framing jobs even easier to complete.

Consider our Alvin clamps if you are looking to fix lighting or lamps to your workstation table or picture frame. The Alvin Adjustable Angle Clamp secures lighting to any angled surface up to 2 ½'' thick. With this product you'll be able to show off your project in the right kind of light. The standard Alvin Clamp is another product that lets you fix specialized lamps to your workstation or picture frame.

If you are looking to keep all of your pictures organized and stored in a way that enables easy viewing, then our clamp strips are perfect for the job. You will find various lengths and sizes that can accommodate artworks of almost any size and quantity, while keeping each piece in solid condition. Choose from a number of different reliable name brands offered through our catalog: Alvin, Mayline, Neolt, Rotarim and Safco are just a few of the many name brands our online store carries. We even offer items in bulk, so you can display large quantities of your work at a cheap price you won't find anywhere else online.

If you are looking for a simple, easy way to display your art projects against a flat surface such as a wall or ceiling, we also have many different adhesive fixture products to help you do just that. Our 3M White Hanging Strips are your perfect option if your want to pin up your artwork or photographs without ruining the wall or picture's surface. The adhesive technology can be used on a variety of surfaces including tile, wood and paint. Strips can hang pictures up to twenty four by thirty six inches. When the time comes for your to remove your artwork from the surface, simply use the pull tab included in each strip to remove the adhesive cleanly and safely. Choose from packs of three, four or six at cheap prices!

For those heavier pieces of artwork you would not want to risk falling off the wall, our website also offers 3M White Plastic Utility Hooks. These heavy duty hanging devices comes in packs and are great for hanging ready made frames. As with the adhesive strips we also offer, these hooks can be hung on a variety of surfaces from wood to paint. When the time comes for an adjustment or removal, simply use the pull tab to cleanly remove the hook from its surface. Two hooks can hold pieces weighing up to three pounds or 1.4 kilograms.

For a more decorative way to display many smaller pictures using the same method, check out our assortment of photo magnetic cables by Mishu. Simply pin up the magnetic wire cable in any manner you choose, and use the included decorative magnets to fix your pictures to the cable. Additional magnets in multiple designs can be purchased separately to show even more artwork! Each cable wire is fifty-seven inches long (one hundred and forty five centimeters), capable of hanging multiple photographs or pictures. Cables are bottom weighted to allow for straight hanging, with each end looped to hang from a picture hook or nail.

The Artist Supply Source offers creative ways to show your art projects with products that are both high quality and cheap in price. There are plenty of ways our items will help you display your hard worked art projects proudly, without burning a hole in your wallet. Browse our online store catalog and buy a display method that is perfect for you today!

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