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Artistic Adhesives and Fasteners Help Celebrations Stick Around

People celebrate many special moments in their lives including births and birthdays, graduations, weddings, and holidays. They also like to create extraordinary crafts and costumes that commemorate such occasions. These celebratory constructions would not be possible without the aid of artistic implements purchased from arts and crafts stores or an online catalog. Adhesives and fasteners are some of the most important art supplies to have, because they help the great times come together and stay together.

Different adhesives can be used, for example, to create announcements, seasonal greeting cards, and invitations to parties. People will buy premium Bazzill cardstock, and put small decorations the cards they make from it using spray adhesives, Mini Glue Sticks, or glue guns. Small-tipped glitter glue pens are also used by many to add script to the festive missives. Stickles Glitter Glue pens are perfect for writing on cards with, because they have precision tips and are available in a multitude of brilliant colors.

Folks who want flawless artwork lettering in their cards will often utilize small word stickers and rubber stamps. Custom word stickers come with messages and pictures already printed on them, so they can simply be peeled off of their wax paper backing and placed on the cards. Craft rubber stamps also have images and letters carved on their bottoms with precision instruments, so the imprints they leave behind are distinct and bold. Many people prefer to buy clear stamps for cardmaking. Inkadinkado Clear Stamps, for example, are very popular among people who make their own cards. These seals are transparent, and users can see exactly where they are placing their images.

Adhesives, fasteners, and their different application systems also play large roles in creating both indoor and outdoor celebratory settings. Decorations placed outdoors are often directly exposed to hostile weather, and therefore, need to be secured with really durable fastening systems. Mounting the adornments with staple guns is the best way to ensure that they stay put, and people can easily find these at their local arts and crafts store. Electric staple guns are easy to use, powerful, and can drive staples in uniformly because they have no pressure variations. Pneumatic staple guns, or air staple guns, are the most powerful kind. They are lightweight, extremely durable, and can be loaded with magazines of staples. They are not as popular as the electric ones, however, because they can be noisy and require a running air compressor to work.

Duck Tape, or duct tape, is another great tool for securing exterior decorations. It is a durable cloth-backed tape that can hold a lot of weight, and withstand even the most extreme changes in weather. This tape is available in a transparent shade, but also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Users will easily be able to find a hue that blends in well with the ornamentation it is fastening down. Some people actually make decorations using nothing but colored duct tape. A good duct tape artist can create holiday ornaments, jewelry, and wrapping paper for gifts using only a few rolls.

Interior adornments are not exposed to the elements, and therefore, do not need heavy-duty adhesives or fastening agents. Instead of being put up with massive staples and a pneumatic gun, for example, they can be mounted with cheap, regular ones from a Squeeze Desk stapler. Pin-up party decorations can also be positioned using decorative thumbtacks, Ball Pins, and Map Tacks. A few people take decorating with pins more seriously, and strategically place large safety pins on the walls to create artwork. They might keep it up year round, but this giant safety pin wall décor is usually put up as ornamentation for a baby shower.

Many people prefer not to decorate their homes using pins and staples, because the tiny metal pieces leave holes behind in the walls. Instead, they will use some kind of tape, like Scotch Multi-Purpose. This tape is terrific for making and positioning indoor decorations, because it is transparent, lightweight, and can be easily peeled off of surfaces when it is time to put the party adornments away. Double-sided adhesive tape is also popular among decorators, because it can remain hidden underneath the decorations while still securing them. Using adhesive tape products can have some drawbacks, however. Sticky residues can remain on surfaces after the tape has been removed, and removing them often requires using special cleaning solvents. The strong adhesives on some tapes can also remove paint, and cause other damage to surfaces as they are being stripped off.

Some folks will forego using the traditional metal fasteners and adhesive tapes to put up their decorations. They opt to pay a slightly higher price for different kinds of adhesives instead, like Glue Dots, which can fasten adornments without doing damage or creating a mess. What are glue dots? These are small dots of a rubbery, double-sided adhesive, which come mounted on wax paper sheets. When people want to use a few glue dots, they can peel them off of the sheets, and stick them to any surface. The unique, non-toxic adhesive compound the dots are made from is designed to bond instantly with any material it is pressed against, so they can be used to discreetly mount paper, plastic, vinyl, and fabric decorations on drywall, wood, glass, and metal surfaces. Some glue dots are heavy-duty and meant to be used permanently, but others are removable. These can easily be peeled off of the surfaces and decorations they were put on without causing any damage and then discarded. Glue Dots are also extremely easy to find. Glue Dots International, the maker of Glue Dots, offers all of its products for sale in an online store.

People not only adorn their homes, they decorate themselves, too! They make special outfits to wear during their celebrations, and these require fasteners and adhesives, as well. Some are temporary garments, like costumes. These do not necessarily need to be sewn. They can be put together with a fabric spray adhesive, such as 505 spray adhesive or 3M Super 77 spray adhesive. Spray-on adhesives work well because they are cheap, colorless, odorless, and repositionable. They can be adjusted quickly and repeatedly, which would be very difficult to do with sewn outfits. The stitching on the outfits would have to be cut and either sewn anew, or held together temporarily with decorative safety pins.

Most spray adhesive for fabric is only strong enough to hold a garment together temporarily, however. It does not usually survive a trip through the washing machine, and it will not work with all kinds of fabric. A more permanent solution is using liquid fabric glue. It works with almost every fabric, and many brands are washable. If the garment is going to be worn temporarily, but kept as a memento afterward, it should be sewn. Spray adhesives would not work well in that kind of situation, because they would wear off and let the fabric pieces separate.

In addition to decorative clothing, festive body adornments can also be put on using a short-lived skin glue that can withstand contact and perspiration. The glue has to be applied with a glue syringe applicator, but it will allow feathers, fake gems, and crystals to be positioned virtually anywhere on a person. Some brands of body jewelry even come with an adhesive already affixed to the back of them, so they can be worn right out of the packaging. Other body decoration, like ultrafine glitter, can be applied in a gel form that is rubbed into the skin, or as a loose powder that is simply dusted on.

After the celebratory periods have passed, people will take down their decorations and put away their special outfits. They will still want to commemorate those occasions, however, and may make scrapbooks to do so. These books contain pictures, written pieces, artwork, and decorations associated with special moments, most of which have to be affixed using some kind of scrapbooking adhesive. There is no best adhesive for scrapbooking, since the different objects going into the books all consist of different materials. Mini Glue Sticks are good to use, because they turn invisible when they dry, will not stain photographs or paper, and do not smear easily. Mini glue dots also work well for scrapbooking. They are great at permanently securing decorations much larger than themselves.
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