Winter Harvest Kolinsky

Winter Harvest Kolinsky

Martin/F. Weber's Winter Harvest Kolinsky

The Hair
Like Fredrick Weber's original set, only the thickest hairs resulting from the harvesting of male kolinsky in Russia's coldest months (January and February) are used. Males as the primary hunters of the food for the family unit have developed thicker hair over the centuries than the female of the species, which spend more of the winter in the den protecting their young.

Only craftsmen who have more than thirty years experience in natural hair arrangement are trusted with preparing these brushes. Each individual brush is then carefully inspected by the factory manager.

We have found no kolinsky remotely comparable.


Back off the pressure and you'd think you were painting with a single hair. As a true Kolinsky Brush you need not flick the brush to get the point. We have found that if an artist needs to flick the brush to get a point that this often results in paint flying in many undesired directions.

The Price
You don't have to be royalty to afford it.

Brief Technical Description
* All brushes are dome shape in design when dry and fine pointed when wet. The belly of the brush is 1/3 of the way up from the top of the ferrule.
* The ferrule is a seamless nickel plated brass ferrule with deep crimping. There are four coats of lacquer with two coats of gloss varnish on the handle with two hours of drying time between each coat. Short graduated length handles as per size of the ferrule.
* All Kolinsky brushes have tied bundles since these brushes are mainly for watercolor. The epoxy used is the strongest available. It withstands any soaking of the brush.
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