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What's new View all Art Supplies, Framing & Brushes, Crafts & Easels is proud to supply the wide variety of great art supplies at low prices. If you are looking for cheap artist materials without sacrificing the quality, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will find all the art and craft supplies you need right here. Our range of online discounts means you can stock up and save money with confidence.

We don’t just provide cheap art materials; we stock popular brands available from the USA, Canada and worldwide. As an authorized dealer for all of the items we sell, you can be sure of getting genuine art products delivered straight to you at the lowest cost. Also, all our merchandise comes with a manufacturer's warranty and is guaranteed to be original and brand new. is an online art supply store, which means we can give you discount art offers that you won’t find in the shops.

Quality Art Supplies at the Best Prices

Every artist knows the importance of having the right tools and accessories, whether it is for painting, drawing, sculpture or any other creative activity. For your creativity to truly flow it is essential to use the best, you can afford. has built a reputation on efficient stocking tools for any needs. Also, our premium Kolinsky sables and Siberian squirrel art brushes are subject to rigorous quality control tests. They are suitable for almost any painting technics including watercolor, acrylic painting, etc. And we are always looking for affordable items you can afford. We offer you products of different brands so that you could choose any item, having regard to price, quality, and usage.

One of the most popular brands is Alvin. This company offers drawing equipment. Also, there're a lot of fine art, craft, and hobbie supplies.

Painting & Colors stock a range of materials to assist you in your work at every stage, whatever kind of art you do. Quality comes first, whether it’s premium Da Vinci colors or a sturdy Raleigh painting easel. Also, Finetec produces high-quality watercolor sets. The most popular is Finetec Artist Mica Watercolor Set. We have plenty of art boards and papers, sketchbooks, cutting boards and picture framing materials. What is more, you can find every piece of equipment you will ever need for your studio. So, having the right working environment is crucial for any creative work. In addition, our accessories include everything from painting supports and LED lighting, to tables and chairs, pedestals and essential safety equipment.

Furthermore, teachers will find everything they need for the school art lessons and preschool children. We stock child-friendly paint, crayons and discount arts and crafts materials to inspire every budding artist. Our range of children’s art supplies is second to none.

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Our Service to You first began as a family-run store in 2005 selling artist quality paint brushes. Since that time we have grown to include a full range of products for the home use and professional artists alike. Our passion for art makes us strive to source the best-known brands at a price you can afford, making us the foremost art suppliers online. Also, our main aim is to combine the qualitative service, saleable items, and the best value. We provide safe and secure shopping facilities and fast delivery, giving you a reliable shopping experience every time. Watch out for our free shipping offers on selected products!

Since we started out, we have sold hundreds of thousands of items to customers all over the world. Receiving their rave reviews, we understand that we do our best to satisfy your demand. Shop our wide assortment of painting, architecture, photography, presentation supplies and create your best artwork.

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