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Ampersand 2" Deep Smooth Cradle Claybord

Ampersand 2" Deep Smooth Cradle Claybord: 36" x 48", Case of 2 Ampersand 2" Deep Smooth Cradle Claybord: 30" x 40", Case of 2 Ampersand 2" Deep Smooth Cradle Claybord: 36" x 36", Case of 2 Ampersand 2" Deep Smooth Cradle Claybord: 30" x 30", Case of 2
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Product description

* Claybord is available with our innovative and elegant cradles that provide extra support and presentation all in one.
* The New DEEP Cradle panels come with 2" birch plywood strips that are attached flush with the back edge of each panel.
* Our original cradled panels come with the thinner 3/4" birch plywood strips and can be framed like a standard size canvas or can be hung directly on the wall without additional framing.
* The plywood sides can be stained, painted, gessoed, waxed or left unfinished to customize and enhance your work.
* Both cradle versions can either be used to paint on directly or as supports on which to mount watercolor papers, photographs, fabrics and prints.
* The cradled panels will also save you framing and carpentry costs!

About painting on Claybord:
Paints can be applied with brushes, sponges, paper towels, bristle brushes, air brushes and more. Claybord is an excellent printing surface and can also be used for Xerox or Polaroid transfers.

With Claybord, pigments can be manipulated to vary tonal value, create detail, develop highlights and correct mistakes. Recommended tools include: scratchboard tools, hobby-knives, razor blades, etching tools, sand paper, steel wool, or electric erasers. Claybord's clay coating allows the use of sgraffito techniques to cut into the surface and re-expose the white clay ground as part of the creative process. The coating is 7 to 10 dry-mils thick allowing for multiple cut-ins or erasers. The smooth finish and the absorbency of the clay ground allows the use of an abrasive like oil free steel wool or sand paper to remove pigment without damaging the finish.

While Claybord allows the use of traditional pigments, tools, and techniques, it is also an ideal surface for experimentation. The composition may be approached in a loose and expressive manner. Details can be added, highlights created, and mistakes corrected. These capabilities ensure a successful painting.


Ampersand is committed first and foremost to supporting artists in their creative process by providing surfaces that are not only a joy to paint and create on, but that will also withstand the test of time. Ampersand’s commitment to quality and archival principles led us to engineer the only archival sealed panels on the market today. Artists using the full range of panels from Claybord™ to Gessobord™ to the Artist Panel™ can rest assured that every step has been taken to ensure quality and performance. Ampersand’s passion is panel painting and we are passionate about our products.
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