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Rublev Colours Goya Palette

SKU : NAP-810-1111
Rublev Colours Goya Palette
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Product description


Rublev Colours Goya Palette provides the highest quality professional oil colors for portrait and figure painting based on the actual colors used by Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828). These colors can be blended and used interchangeably with other oil colors.

Besides an artist's personal notes or treatises on painting of the period, the systematic arrangement of separate colors and mixtures on the palette, which the painter prepared before he began his work, can be used to study the artist's painting procedures. Such palettes can be found in portraits or self-portraits where the palette is held in the hand with the rows of colors and tints clearly visible.

One such portrait is the portrait of Goya with his palette, painted in 1827, by Vicente López y Portaña (1772-1850) shown at left.

Goya used nine separate colors and arranged them on the palette with the white on nearest the thumbhole and the blacks on the opposite side.

Besides the white and blacks, there are only earth colors. We see the nine colors arranged along the outer edge of the palette as follows: Flake white, yellow ocher, brown ocher, light red, burnt Sienna, and four blacks. As on most 18th century palettes, vermilion is placed separately near white, as is described in de Piles' palette.

It seems that Goya used no scaled palette or row of tints at the center of the palette. We observe a flesh tint, the blacks and a greenish and brownish tint that can be obtained by mixing the yellowish or reddish flesh tint with the black. An unusual feature of this palette is the great quantities of blacks (four) and the apparent absence of umbers. The abundant use of black for the groundwork of his paintings gives his pictures a definite character. There is no blue or green on Goya's palette. Earth colors can be very brilliant and of high tinting strength: yellow ochre looks almost like Naples yellow, light red like vermilion, burnt Sienna like Crimson lake, and green earth (when used) like viridian.

F. Schmid identifies the different blacks as bone black, lamp black, ivory black and peach black. He admits this description of blacks, which in the painting have a warm or cold quality, is arbitrary and guesswork based on comparison with contemporary treatises where the blacks are described in words. For example, de Piles (1684) recommends two blacks in the row of the pigments, namely bone black and lamp black. Wyrsch (1732-1798) in his posthumously published treatise (1838) mentions three blacks, i.e. bone black, ivory black, and peach black.

Diagram based on F. Schmid:
1. Flake white
2. Yellow ocher
3. Brown ocher
4. Light red
5. Burnt Sienna
6-9. Blacks
a. Vermilion
b. Spot of black
c. Light yellowish flesh tint (yellow ocher and flake white)
d. Greenish middle tint
e. Thin blacks
f. Burnt Sienna and three brushes (in hand)

Source: F. Schmid (1958) "Some Observations on Artists' Palettes", The Art Bulletin, Volume 40, Issue 4, 1958, pages 334-336.

Rublev Colors Artists Oils are based on single, natural mineral and historical pigments that give Old Masters-like painting effects in oil. The color range features such exotic pigments as natural ultramarine (lapis lazuli), azurite, malachite, among many others. The paint is made in small batches and packed in 50 ml tubes giving you 33% more color than typical 37 ml tubes.

Goya Palette includes one full-sized tube each of 7 colors: Venetian Red, Italian Yellow Earth, Italian Brown Ocher, Italian Burnt Sienna, Bone Black, Roman Black and Vine Black.

Colors included in the Rublev Colours Goya Palette

Color Swatch Color Name Tube Price
Venetian Red is a transparent deep bluish red earth with pink undertones, medium grained with good tinting strength and brushes 'long' in the direction of the brush stroke. Our Venetian red comes from quarries in Northern Italy. 50ml
Italian Yellow Earth is a semi- transparent deep golden yellow with good tinting strength, medium grained that makes golden half tints. Our yellow earth is from quarries in Northern Italy. 50ml
Italian Brown Ocher is a semi-transparent brown with good tinting strength, medium grained that makes yellowish brown half tints. Our brown ocher earth is from quarries in Northern Italy 50ml
Italian Burnt Sienna is a semi- transparent reddish brown with good tinting strength, medium grained and, like most Rublev Colours Artists' Oils, brushes 'long' in the direction of the brush stroke. Our sienna is from quarries in Tuscany, Italy. 50ml
Bone Black is an opaque warm black with good tinting strength and fine grained. It is a high grade bone black equivalent to what other artists' oils manufacturers name as 'ivory black.' 50ml
Roman Black is a single-pigment oil color comprised of a natural black earth; a dense, opaque, heavy color that is absolutely permanent. It is comparatively neutral in undertone and is non-greasy, when compared to carbon blacks. 50ml
Vine Black is an opaque blue-black with high tinting strength and fine grained. Our vine black is a single-pigment color made of calcined vine cuttings from Germany. 50ml

Note: Colors swatches are shown in mass tone, straight from the tube, on the left, and mixed with an equal amount of white on the right. All pictures of color swatches in this web site are only approximations of the actual color of the oil paint. We taken every care to match the color in these pictures on calibrated color monitors to the actual color. However, because of the wide variance in color monitors the results you get may vary.

We may substitute colors that are out of stock or unavailable at the time of your order with similar hues of equal or greater value.

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Goya Palette
Goya Palette

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