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Gamblin Artists' Grade 37ml Oil Paint Full Display Assortment

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$8.99 flat rate shipping within contiguous U.S.
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* Size: 15d"w x 39 1/2"h x 12"d
* Contents: 3 each of 46 colors, 6 each of 1 color, 2 each of 1 color, 150ml tubes 2 each of 24 assorted mediums 2 each of 2 sets

Product Contents:

Qty.SKUProduct Name
3ALV-G1165Oil Color: Cadmium Lemon, 37ml
6ALV-G1170Oil Color: Cadmium Yellow Light, 37ml
3ALV-G1180Oil Color: Cadmium Yellow Medium, 37ml
3ALV-G1190Oil Color: Cadmium Yellow Deep, 37ml
3ALV-G1300Oil Color: Hansa Yellow Light, 37ml
3ALV-G1310Oil Color: Hansa Yellow Medium, 37ml
3ALV-G1315Oil Color: Hansa Yellow Deep, 37ml
3ALV-G1350Oil Color: Indian Yellow, 37ml
3ALV-G1160Oil Color: Cadmium Red Deep, 37ml
3ALV-G1195Oil Color: Caucasian Flesh Tone, 37ml
3ALV-G1470Oil Color: Napthol Red, 37ml
3ALV-G1475Oil Color: Napthol Scarlet, 37ml
3ALV-G1050Oil Color: Brown Pink, 37ml
3ALV-G1520Oil Color: Perylene Red, 37ml
3ALV-G1580Oil Color: Quinacridone Magenta, 37ml
3ALV-G1590Oil Color: Quinacridone Red, 37ml
3ALV-G1225Oil Color: Cobalt Teal, 37ml
3ALV-G1400Oil Color: Manganese Blue Hue, 37ml
3ALV-G1530Oil Color: Phthalo Blue, 37ml
3ALV-G1535Oil Color: Phthalo Turquoise, 37ml
3ALV-G1560Oil Color: Prussian Blue, 37ml
3ALV-G1320Oil Color: Indanthrone Blue, 37ml
6ALV-G1700Oil Color: Ultramarine Blue, 37ml
3ALV-G1100Oil Color: Cadmium Green, 37ml
3ALV-G1215Oil Color: Chromium Oxide Green, 37ml
3ALV-G1490Oil Color: Olive Green, 37ml
6ALV-G1060Oil Color: Burnt Sienna, 37ml
6ALV-G1080Oil Color: Burnt Umber, 37ml
3ALV-G1330Oil Color: Indian Red, 37ml
3ALV-G1730Oil Color: Venetian Red, 37ml
6ALV-G1610Oil Color: Raw Sienna, 37ml
6ALV-G1620Oil Color: Raw Umber, 37ml
6ALV-G1360Oil Color: Ivory Black, 37ml
6ALV-G1430Oil Color: Mars Black, 37ml
3ALV-G1212Oil Color: Chromatic Black, 37ml
3ALV-G1550Oil Color: Payne's Grey, 37ml
3ALV-G1551Oil Color: Portland Grey Light, 37ml
3ALV-G1552Oil Color: Portland Grey Medium, 37ml
3ALV-G1553Oil Color: Portland Grey Deep, 37ml
3ALV-G1890Oil Color: Radiant White, 37ml
3ALV-G1850Oil Color: Radiant Lemon, 37ml
3ALV-G1855Oil Color: Radiant Yellow, 37ml
3ALV-G1860Oil Color: Radiant Red, 37ml
3ALV-G1865Oil Color: Radiant Magenta, 37ml
3ALV-G1870Oil Color: Radiant Violet, 37ml
3ALV-G1875Oil Color: Radiant Blue, 37ml
3ALV-G1880Oil Color: Radiant Turquoise, 37ml
3ALV-G1885Oil Color: Radiant Green, 37ml
3ALV-G1120Oil Color: Cadmium Orange, 37ml
3ALV-G1125Oil Color: Cadmium Orange Deep, 37ml
3ALV-G1440Oil Color: Mono Orange, 37ml
3ALV-G1680Oil Color: Transparent Orange, 37ml
6ALV-G1020Oil Color: Alizarin Crimson, 37ml
3ALV-G1025Oil Color: Alizarin Permanent, 37ml
6ALV-G1140Oil Color: Cadmium Red Light, 37ml
3ALV-G1150Oil Color: Cadmium Red Medium, 37ml
3ALV-G1595Oil Color: Quinacridone Violet, 37ml
3ALV-G1240Oil Color: Cobalt Violet, 37ml
3ALV-G1710Oil Color: Ultramarine Violet, 37ml
3ALV-G1260Oil Color: Dioxazine Purple, 37ml
3ALV-G1410Oil Color: Manganese Violet, 37ml
3ALV-G1200Oil Color: Cerulean Blue, 37ml
3ALV-G1210Oil Color: Cerulean Blue Hue, 37ml
3ALV-G1220Oil Color: Cobalt Blue, 37ml
3ALV-G1230Oil Color: Cobalt Green, 37ml
3ALV-G1500Oil Color: Permanent Green Light, 37ml
3ALV-G1270Oil Color: Emerald Green, 37ml
3ALV-G1540Oil Color: Phthalo Green, 37ml
3ALV-G1541Oil Color: Phthalo Emerald, 37ml
3ALV-G1660Oil Color: Sap Green, 37ml
3ALV-G1675Oil Color: Terre Verte, 37ml
3ALV-G1740Oil Color: Viridian, 37ml
3ALV-G1450Oil Color: Naples Yellow Hue, 37ml
3ALV-G1280Oil Color: Gold Ochre, 37ml
6ALV-G1780Oil Color: Yellow Ochre, 37ml
3ALV-G1683Oil Color: Transparent Earth Yellow, 37ml
3ALV-G1681Oil Color: Transparent Earth Orange, 37ml
3ALV-G1682Oil Color: Transparent Earth Red, 37ml
3ALV-G1030Oil Color: Asphaltum, 37ml
3ALV-G1720Oil Color: Vandyke Brown, 37ml
6ALV-G1810Oil Color: Titanium White, 37ml
6ALV-G1820Oil Color: Titanium-Zinc White, 37ml
3ALV-G1830Oil Color: Zinc White, 37ml
3ALV-G1825Oil Color: Flake White, 37ml
3ALV-G1910Oil Color: Copper, 37ml
3ALV-G1920Oil Color: Pale Gold, 37ml
3ALV-G1930Oil Color: Rich Gold, 37ml
3ALV-G1940Oil Color: Silver, 37ml
6ALV-GF1810FastMatte Oil Color: Titanium White, 37ml
3ALV-GF1310FastMatte Oil Color: Hansa Yellow Medium, 37ml
3ALV-GF1475FastMatte Oil Color: Napthol Scarlet, 37ml
3ALV-GF1682FastMatte Oil Color: Transparent Earth Red, 37ml
3ALV-GF1590FastMatte Oil Color: Quinacridone Red, 37ml
3ALV-GF1700FastMatte Oil Color: Ultramarine Blue, 37ml
3ALV-GF1540FastMatte Oil Color: Phthalo Green, 37ml
3ALV-GF1212FastMatte Oil Color: Chromatic Black, 37ml
3ALV-GF2810FastMatte Oil Color: Titanium White, 150ml
2ALV-G147910Accents on the Landscape Set
4ALV-G101005Mediums Set
2ALV-G02016Galkyd Lite: 16oz
2ALV-G02008Galkyd Lite: 8oz
2ALV-G02516Galkyd Slow Drying: 16oz
2ALV-G02508Galkyd Slow Drying: 8oz
2ALV-G06016Refined Linseed Oil: 16oz
2ALV-G06008Refined Linseed Oil: 8oz
2ALV-G07008Cold Pressed Linseed Oil: 8oz
2ALV-G01016Galkyd Medium: 16oz
2ALV-G01008Galkyd Medium: 8oz
2ALV-G01002Galkyd Medium: 2oz
2ALV-G08008Linseed Stand Oil: 8oz
2ALV-G03516Neo-Megilp: 16oz
2ALV-G03508Neo-Megilp: 8oz
2ALV-G01500Galkyd Gel: 150ml
2ALV-G00090Gamsol Oil: 16oz
3ALV-G03004Cold Wax Medium: 4oz
4ALV-G10054Gamvar Picture Varnish: 5.4oz
2ALV-G01116Ground: 16oz
2ALV-G01400Traditional Gesso
2ALV-G01308PVA Size: 8oz
2ALV-G01200Rabbit Skin Glue
Shipping specs
210.00 Lbs
39.5" x 36" x 12"
Shipping weight
210.00 Lbs
Shipping dimensions
39.5" x 36" x 12"
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This product is shipped from our warehouse in Bloomfield, CT, US
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This product is brand new and includes the manufacturer's warranty, so you can buy with confidence.
Actual color and texture may vary, use as a guide only.
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