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38 products found for "cheap wooden easel stand"

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See details Avanti Raphael Wooden Easel: Modle # 92-4002
SKU: MUD-92-4002

* Sketchbox easel in table op version made of oiled elm wood Adjustable upper and lowwer (9x.8" size) support arms hold canvases to 28.75". * Unit size is 10.75 x 13.5 x 0.8 when closed. * Rear tray with 5 open comp...

List Price: US$ 65.99
Our Price: US$ 32.06 , save 51%

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See details Martin Rolling Wooden Bench Style Easel
SKU: MUD-92-3050

* Martin Wooden Bench Easel * Roller Board style function for traveling outdoors for painting, thin folded design makes it fit easily in a trunk, closet or corner out of the way when not in use * Magnets keep all com...

List Price: US$ 356.99
Our Price: US$ 155.21 , save 57%

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See details Weber Monster Amalfi Wooden Studio Easel: Model # 92-3010
SKU: MUD-92-3010

* The monster of the Weber line of Studio Easels. * This is your contortionist. * Amalfi can fold into any desired position. * It is solid Elm wood and Tung oiled. * Holds canvas to 81". * Overall size 80" high x...

List Price: US$ 529.99
Our Price: US$ 244.79 , save 54%

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See details Prima Wooden Frame Style Table Top Easel: Model # U-18N

* Featrues a channeled center column with a single rear spike let enabling easy anle adjustment. * Ridged construction permits maximum support of canvas up to 34" in height. * Can be used as canvas carrier. * Overa...

List Price: US$ 39.99
Our Price: US$ 18.58 , save 54%

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See details Weber Pompei Wooden Studio Easel: Model # 92-3020
SKU: MUD-92-3020

* Professional style with amble capacity and made of hand rubbed Tung oiled Elm Wood. * Mutli-purpose as it can be used with canvas or watercolor painting....or just as a work station. * Holds canvas up to 60.5". *...

List Price: US$ 254.99
Our Price: US$ 113.69 , save 55%

More info

See details Weber Bologna Wooden Studio Easel: Model # 92-3014
SKU: MUD-92-3014

* A professional Studio Easel mode of Tung oiled Elm wood. * The easel folds into a variety of positions and can be used to hold 2 canvases or an inspirations piece. * Holds canvas up to 78.5". * Overall dimensions:...

List Price: US$ 305.99
Our Price: US$ 134.17 , save 56%

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See details Weber Solerno Wooden Studio Easel: Model # 92-3024
SKU: MUD-92-3024

* The Weber Solerno Studio Easel is a Unique Elm wood easel for use up to 88.5 inches using a ratchet positive locking system. * Great at any angle even into the negative. * Holds canvas up to 48".

List Price: US$ 213.99
Our Price: US$ 96.20 , save 55%

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See details Heritage Arts™ Columbus A-Frame Wooden Easel: Wood, Artist, Display, (model HWE136), price per each

This A-Frame easel is a three-legged multi-media dual-purpose studio and display easel that is designed to be stable and sturdy. * Constructed of beechwood with linen oil finish. * Features a ratchet center column for easy...

List Price: US$ 238.00
Our Price: US$ 67.80 , save 72%

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See details Heritage Arts™ de Leon Classic French Wooden Easel: Wood, Artist, (model HWE208), price per each

Multi-media French sketch box easel made of elmwood with a sealed finish. * The Deluxe French easel features tripod telescoping/folding legs with non-skid rubber feet a pull out compartmentalized drawer with ample storage ...

List Price: US$ 295.00
Our Price: US$ 83.36 , save 72%

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See details Heritage Arts™ Magellan H-Frame Wooden Easel: Wood, Artist, (model HWE150), price per each

This heavy-duty multi-media studio easel is constructed of beechwood with oil linen finish for good looks and durability. * H-frame design provides very rigid support for canvases up to 55" high. * Features a ratcheted cen...

List Price: US$ 365.00
Our Price: US$ 103.13 , save 72%

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See details Alvin® Easel and Board Stand: Brown, Wood, Drawing Board, (model DS722), price per each

Constructed of walnut-stained wood and adjustable to four convenient drawing angles from 0° to 45°. * The unique design rests over the edge of a table or desk to prevent slipping. * Once in place it provides a rigid fram...

List Price: US$ 61.79
Our Price: US$ 39.62 , save 36%

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See details Beka Hanging Big Book Easel
SKU: BEK-02103

* Our Hanging Big Book easel was created with teacher input. * It provides real classsroom convenience, hanging on wall-mounted boards, doors, shelves, etc. * It can also hang on any wall, just attach the included mo...

Our Price: US$ 62.00

More info

See details Weber Legacy Children's Easel: Model # U-9601
SKU: MUD-U-9601

* Weber's Legacy family easel is hand made wooden 2 sided easel. * One side is chalkboard the other a dry erase board. * Roll of paper is included. * Non-skid feet. * Height adjusts from 47" to 57" high. * 26.5...

List Price: US$ 203.99
Our Price: US$ 98.25 , save 52%

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See details Avanti Mini-Display Easel: Model # 92-2014
SKU: MUD-92-2014

* Hand finished Elm wood easel for display of Photos, China, artwork or most any keepsake. * Natural oiled finish. * Oversize is 5.125" W x 6.325"D x 14.5" H. * Upper Wooden block opens to 10" and locks in display ar...

List Price: US$ 19.99
Our Price: US$ 10.79 , save 46%

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See details Rivera French Sketchbox Easel: Model # 92-3033
SKU: MUD-92-3033

Features * Rivera Deluxe French Easel with Metal-insert Drawer. * Seasoned Elm wood and hand rubbed. * Telescoping legs and double telescoping back/center leg. * Easily folds and locks into position. * Duraqbel...

List Price: US$ 203.99
Our Price: US$ 91.70 , save 55%

More info

See details Prima Art/Display Wodden Easel: Model # U-280N

Features * Wooden Easel with adjustable height from 57-65.5". * Footprint is 26" spread. * Angles to 20-degrees. * Disasembles for transport. * Lower canvas support is 22" wide x 1" deep. * Unfinished.

List Price: US$ 50.99
Our Price: US$ 23.50 , save 54%

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See details Sienna Horizon Counterweight Studio Easel (Craftech)

About Sienna Horizon Easel The easel is counterbalanced by standard weight plates (not included), that can be purchased at any sports equipment store. The three versatile canvas holders can accommodate small 8” ...

List Price: US$ 1,495.00
Our Price: US$ 1,022.26 , save 32%

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See details Jullian Classic Full Size French Sketch Box Easel: Avail May, 2011

* Authentic Jullian (Paris) Easel in Handcrafted Elmwood with brass and brass plated hardware. * Metal in and under drawer with exclusive Jullian locking system and locking top drawer. * Synthetic leather strap, tag ho...

List Price: US$ 390.00
Our Price: US$ 149.99 , save 62%

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See details Avanti Van Dyck Easel: Model # 92-4001
SKU: MUD-92-4001

* The Avanti Van Dyck Easel is the ultimate table top easel. * The easel itself is constructed of seasoned elm wood with a hand rubbed linen oil finish. * The upper and lower canvas supports are both adjustable, whe...

List Price: US$ 111.99
Our Price: US$ 50.76 , save 55%

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See details Sienna Wet Panel Box: 9" x 12" with 8" x 10" adaptor
SKU: CTI-WB-0912

About Wet Panel Box The sienna plein air wet panel box is the perfect way to  transport your painting panels to and from your painting location or art class. The box is very light weight, can hold two panel siz...

List Price: US$ 72.00
Our Price: US$ 46.62 , save 35%

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See details Cappelletto Modern Folding Display Easel: Wood, Display, (model CES10), price per each

Heavyweight modern display easel can hold canvases up to 72”. * Ideal for studio and gallery use. * Very easy assembly with a top locking peg. * Comes with two wooden pegs to display larger artwork on. * Pegs can be move...

List Price: US$ 177.00
Our Price: US$ 100.03 , save 43%

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See details Royal & Langnickel® All Media Easel Artist Set: Multi, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, (model REA6150), price per set

This 150-piece multi-media set includes: 18 oil paints 18 watercolor paints 18 acrylic paints 8 oil pastels 18 watercolor pencils 18 pastels 3 white bristle brushes 3 taklon brushes 3 white nylon brushes 3 plastic palette ...

List Price: US$ 149.99
Our Price: US$ 95.36 , save 36%

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See details Weber Stand Oil: 118ml
SKU: MFW-1661

* A pale colored, heavy bodied, polymerized linseed oil used in the preparation of painting mediums with less tendency than linseed oil to after-yellowing. * It is slower drying than sun thickened linseed oil and produ...

List Price: US$ 8.79
Our Price: US$ 6.71 , save 24%

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See details 7Gypsies - Architextures - Treasures - Wooden Corkscrew
SKU: PPF-7G25093

* A vintage wooden corkscrew and set of 2 corks - Treasures are dimensional adhesive backed embellishments Specifications: Collections: Architextures

Our Price: US$ 3.14

More info

See details Heritage Arts™ Dias Beechwood Artist/Display Tripod Easel: Wood, Artist, Display, (model TP100), price per each

Perfect multi-purpose art/display easel. * This lightweight beechwood easel in natural finish uses tongue and groove leg construction for strength. * Split-leg design allows for compact storage and portability. * Easels st...

List Price: US$ 34.00
Our Price: US$ 22.33 , save 34%

More info

See details Tombow Marker Desk Stand: Empty
SKU: PPF-TB56148

* Upright desk stand neatly stores and organizes Tombow Dual Brush pens. 96 slots to hold Dual Brush Pens. Easy to assemble with snap together plastic parts.

List Price: US$ 14.50
Our Price: US$ 11.33 , save 22%

More info

See details Artograph Digital Projector Table Stand
SKU: ARG-500-009

The new Digital Table Stand is custom-designed by Artograph to pair with the full line LED digital Art Projectors – the Flare100, Inspire800, Impression1400, plus all older models. The Digital Table Stand ha...

List Price: US$ 139.99
Our Price: US$ 89.91 , save 36%

More info

See details Sculpture House College Modeling Stand

* Top Choice for Schools and Home Studios. * Our 4-leg modeling stand may be more economical than others, but it does not skimp on quality. * The stand's welded angle steel frame with 24-inch leg spread at the base ens...

Our Price: US$ 400.27

More info

See details Beka Traditional Wooden Maple Stilts: Regular, 47.5"
SKU: BEK-08804

* You'll be heads above the crowd with our all natural wood Stilts. * These eco-friendly stilts are just like your favorite uncle used to make!. * We make them using regional hardwoods, like maple and beech. * The ...

Our Price: US$ 52.50

More info

See details Beka Pre-School Easel
SKU: BEK-01401

* Our Preschool easel is specially designed for the half-pint Picasso. * Great for pre-schoolers, or when a light-weight, portable easel is desired. * It features chalk and wipe-off marker are surfaces mounted in har...

Our Price: US$ 49.99

More info

See details Beka Big Book Easel
SKU: BEK-02102

* Our most popular single-sided easel, Beka's Big Book Easel is perfect for use in the home, school or daycare. * It features hard maple construction, and includes a shelf designed to support large books, paper pads or...

Our Price: US$ 79.99

More info

See details 7Gypsies Display Easel: Black
SKU: PPF-7G12648

* 11.5 x 12 Specifications: Collections: Displays

List Price: US$ 9.96
Our Price: US$ 7.79 , save 22%

More info

See details Beka Traditional Wooden Maple Stilts: Tall, 57.5"
SKU: BEK-08805

* You'll be heads above the crowd with our all natural wood Stilts. * These eco-friendly stilts are just like your favorite uncle used to make!. * We make them using regional hardwoods, like maple and beech. * The ...

Our Price: US$ 56.50

More info

See details 7Gypsies - Architextures - Treasures - Distressed Wooden Doors
SKU: PPF-7G25084

* A set of tall wooden doors in deep brown wood - Treasures are dimensional adhesive backed embellishments Specifications: Collections: Architextures

Our Price: US$ 2.39

Expected availability: 31-May-2017
Sorry we don't take pre-orders.

Quantity: Out of stock

See details Beka Teacher's Easel
SKU: BEK-02001

* This single-sided easel has the same great features as our Big Book Easel; it's just talle. * Our Teacher's easel is perfect for use by adults, as well as children wanting a large art surface to explore. * Beka's T...

Our Price: US$ 119.00

More info

See details Heritage Arts™ Cabot Aluminum Artist Easel: Aluminum, Artist, (model HAE590), price per each

This is a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum easel ideal for studio classroom or display use. * It stands 62" tall and 36" wide at floor and accommodates canvases up to 41" high and stretcher bars up to 1½" thick. * Adjustab...

List Price: US$ 99.00
Our Price: US$ 63.46 , save 36%

More info

See details Beka Hanging Art Easel
SKU: BEK-02104

* Our Hanging Art Easel was created with teacher input, then embellished for home use. * It makes set up and clean up a dream. * Hang it from it's own mounting lip, on an open door, on shelves or almost anywhere; the...

Our Price: US$ 69.99

More info

See details 7Gypsies Metal Stand: 5" x 7"
SKU: PPF-7G12661

* Overall Dimensions 6x6x13

List Price: US$ 19.96
Our Price: US$ 15.48 , save 22%

More info

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