Painting tools require a proper care and maintenance at the appropriate times to keep them in a good condition for the next uses. Brush washers perfectly suit for this purpose and can be purchased online at the click of a button.

This category represents artist brush washers for different mediums that help to extend the lifespan and maintain the value of your brushes. 

How to use brush washers

There is a grate set inside the cleaning chamber that prevents paint residue from stirring up with the solvent every time you wash your brushes. It is useful for artists, who do not want to spend time and interrupt their working process for cleaning brushes before using another color. In addition our brush washers come with convenient handles for ease of use and carrying.

Some of our brush washers feature a lid with a gasket providing tight sealing. Such lids keep smells locked and prevent liquids from splitting out, that makes them great for travels.

We offer plastic and stainless steel brush washers, that are good both for beginners and pros.

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