Canvas Pliers

For secure stretching large-sized or special shape canvases onto bars or frames artists use different canvas pliers, that allow also to deliver a certain stretch ratio.

Browse our selection of heavy duty pliers for canvas stretching with easy to grip handles, wide serrated jaws, that make the process more comfortable and provide even, nearly uniform stretching. Some of our pliers feature a spring clip so as to open the jaws after each stretch without applying force.

How to use canvas pliers

Put your canvas onto the frame center, and by turn grip it with pliers and staple from the backside of all four edges in the middle, then work out the rest from the middle out. It is worthy of note that there is no need to apply lots of pressure on canvas, as your painting can crack in case it has been stretched too tightly in its frame.

The pliers aid also while restretching old canvas paintings onto new stretcher frames. Such pieces of paintings are more fragile and require a great deal of precision lest it cracks.
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