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Multi-Purpose & Utility Brushes

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See details Faber-Castell Dusting Brush
SKU: FAB-178016

* Wooden handle, 3 rows of soft cream goat hair.

List Price :US$ 15.30
Our Price : US$ 11.13 , save 27%

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See details Mach Spray Gun Cleaning Brush 8"

Mach Spray Gun Cleaning Brush 8".

List Price :US$ 1.50
Our Price : US$ 1.06 , save 29%

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See details Mack 14-1/2" Tamphir Wire Wheel Spoke Brush Series 7030-T
SKU: MAK-7030-T

* With hardwood handle. The ideal brush for removing built-up dirt between spokes. The bristles are stiff Tamphir twisted in wire. The handle is made of natural hardwood (5").

List Price :US$ 7.00
Our Price : US$ 4.94 , save 29%

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See details Mack 6" Upholstery Brush - Poly Fill Series 7070
SKU: MAK-7070

* Perfectly sized for quick and easy clean-up of car and other vehicle interiors. Shaped to fit the hand and made of long lasting - no skid - polypropylene. Ideal too for cleaning vinyl tops.

List Price :US$ 4.00
Our Price : US$ 2.82 , save 30%

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See details Mack Curved Handle - Wire Scratch -

* Filament (Domestic) Oil Tempered Steel* Rows 3x19. Length 14". Trim 1-1/8".

Price range : US$ 2.09 - US$ 3.88

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See details Mack Dash & Vent Combo Brush Series 15313 Length 12"
SKU: MAK-15313

* Two Useful Brushes In One* Bristle cleans nooks & crannys Duster helps remove dust from dash One Brush per Hanging Card. 12 Cards per Master Pack.

List Price :US$ 4.95
Our Price : US$ 3.50 , save 29%

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See details Mack Japan Brush Series 1646

* The Japan Brush is made with Black Goat Hair and a plain lacquered handle. Japans are great for painting backgrounds, especially glass backgrounds. They are great for pushing paint out of the way without leaving lines or...

Price range : US$ 8.47 - US$ 13.23

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See details Mack Kelly Series K/M Brush

* Tom Kelly's grandfather, O.Z. Crozier, (aka) "The Baron" of Baron Roth & Kelly started striping wagons & buggies for the Studebaker Bros. in the early 1900's. He then striped at the Ford Motor Co. for over 25 years throu...

Price range : US$ 11.66 - US$ 12.39

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See details Mack LPDH Original Custom Handle Series LL-OCH

* The Original Polished Aluminum Striping Handle - this is a 2 1/2 inch polished aluminum striping handle, with a light, balanced feel and a smooth finish. Also available in Fiery Amber.

List Price :US$ 12.50
Our Price : US$ 8.75 , save 30%

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See details Mack Red Mix - Tampico Parts Cleaning Brush Series 130-T
SKU: MAK-130-T

* Tampico is a light duty parts cleaning brush excellent for transferring liquids from container to applications because it absorbs so well. Tampico is water and alkaline resistant.

List Price :US$ 4.50
Our Price : US$ 3.17 , save 30%

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See details Mack Shoe Handle-Wire Scratch-Domestic Series 1190
SKU: MAK-1190

* With poly handle. Designed for cleaning all rough surfaces on a variety of materials to remove paint, dirt, rust and stubborn deposits. Shoe Handle features a contoured grip for strong and constant use.

List Price :US$ 3.75
Our Price : US$ 2.65 , save 29%

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See details Mack Short Polished Handle Series LL-SPH

* A shorter handle for smaller hands, or for people who prefer that the handle not rest in the palm of the hand. You can easily turn this handle between your thumb and index finger. This handle works with all brush heads, ...

List Price :US$ 10.00
Our Price : US$ 7.05 , save 30%

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See details Mack Whitey II All Purpose Throw Away Series 2001 Brush

* With wood handle. Pure Natural White Bristle. Works well with paint remover, stripper, spreading resins, varnish, utility, chip, parts cleaning and epoxy brush.

Price range : US$ 0.38 - US$ 1.00

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See details Alvin Mini Dusting Brush
SKU: ALV-2340

Comfortable curved 10" finished hardwood handle brush that holds sterilized mixed horsehair in a single row of tufts to provide a stiff brushing action. Features: The size is 10".. Specifications: Size: 10".

List Price :US$ 5.99
Our Price : US$ 3.55 , save 41%

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See details Natural Pigments Square Gilders Tip Squirrel Brush

DetailsThe gilder's tip is a squirrel hair brush used to pick up pieces of gold leaf on the tips of the hairs. Our soft, single-thick pure squirrel hair brushes have long, stiff hairs. The 35 mm width brushes are wide enou...

Price range : US$ 20.88 - US$ 45.06

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See details Alvin Traditional Dusting Brush
SKU: ALV-2341

Constructed of soft sterilized 100% horsehair wax-set in a tough durable 14 1/2" finished hardwood handle. A traditional design preferred by professionals. Features: The size is 14 1/2".. Related video: . Specificatio...

List Price :US$ 7.29
Our Price : US$ 4.32 , save 41%

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