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See details Paasche DU-28 Packing Washer-Bulk

Paasche DU-28 Packing Washer-Bulk.

List Price :US$ 0.35
Our Price : US$ 0.34 , save 3%

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See details Paasche Airbrush Paasche Model PC Paint Bottle Cover

Paasche Paint Bottle Cover.

List Price :US$ 0.60
Our Price : US$ 0.39 , save 35%

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See details Paasche Model BPC 3 oz. Black Nylon Compressor Cover

Black nylon cover compatible to 3 oz. bottles. Does not include a gasket.. Components: BPC: 3 oz. black nylon cover. Shipping weight: 3 oz. (85.5 g.).

List Price :US$ 0.85
Our Price : US$ 0.55 , save 35%

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See details Paasche Airbrush Paasche Model H-165 Plain Cover & Gasket: 1/2 Oz. (14.5 cc)
SKU: PAA-H-165

Paasche H-165 Plain Cover & Gasket: 1/2 Oz. (14.5 cc).

List Price :US$ 0.85
Our Price : US$ 0.55 , save 35%

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See details Paasche Airbrush Paasche Model H-190 Plain Metal Cover: 3 Oz. (89 cc)
SKU: PAA-H-190

Paasche H-190 Plain Metal Cover: 3 Oz. (89 cc).

List Price :US$ 0.85
Our Price : US$ 0.55 , save 35%

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See details Paasche Airbrush Paasche Model H-191: 1 oz. Plain Metal Compressor Cover
SKU: PAA-H-191

Plain metal cover compatible to 1 oz. bottles. Does not include gasket.. Components: H-191: 1 oz. plain metal cover. Shipping weight: 1 oz. (28.5 g.).

List Price :US$ 0.85
Our Price : US$ 0.55 , save 35%

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See details Paasche Lock Washer

Lock Washer.

Our Price : US$ 0.83

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See details Artbin Twisterz Jars

Twisterz Interlocking Storage System is perfect for any small storage. Turn the Twisterz clockwise or counter-clockwise to lock multiple containers together! Made of durable polypropylene these containers are made to last!...

Price range : US$ 0.85 - US$ 2.09

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See details Paasche Model PB Empty Plastic Bottles

* Paasche Model PB Empty Plastic Bottles: 1 - 3  oz. Cover Not Included.

Price range : US$ 0.94 - US$ 1.01

See 2 product variations

Airbrushing: The Essentials

Airbrushing refers to the use of airbrush tools to create a mist of paint with the use of a compressor kit. The air compressor machine uses a special type of airbrushing paint which is mixed with air under pressure for creating the fine mist.

Airbrushing finds use in a variety of applications and airbrush paints can be used for skin or for plastic materials. They can also be used on a fabric and metals including that on a car and for some other automotive applications as well.

Our website features a wide variety of paint kit sets comprising of airbrushing equipment including kit with airbrush compressors, airbrush gun kit and other supplies and accessories. These include paints of different colors and can the kits are provided in a variety of sizes, suitable to be both used by beginners and also in professional art.

We provide a comprehensive collection of parts and system equipment related to airbrushing and we are the best destination for an artist or a painter. You can easily find whatever you need here, be it an airbrushing compressor, airbrush ink, paint enamel and even an entire airbrushing set at the best prices, quite cheap as compared to other stores such as eBay.

Painters will find a complete range of supply material to meet all their painting requirements for sale. Paint set kits including paint bottles and paint jars, paint machine, paint reducer, powder paint and acrylic paint are available to buy.

Reputed brands and popular airbrush models including Paint Michaels Airbrushes from Createx, Iwata Airbrush Kits, Copic Airbrushes, Kustom Airbrushes, Temptu Pro Airbrush Kits, Paasche H Airbrush Sets, Liquitex Airbrush Medium, Central Pneumatic Deluxe Airbrush Kits and many others.

Popular airbrush accessories and master parts and supplies are also available. You can find products ranging including airbrush paint booth, double action and single action airbrushes, brushes for cleaning airbrushes, compressor parts and gravity feed airbrush gun among lots of others.

While airbrushes are capable of spraying any type of ink or paint which has a thickness consistency akin to that of milk, it is recommended that you use specially designed airbrush paints. These come in different types and we provide a wide selection of them.

Paints for airbrushing include water based and other types of paints from well-known and popular brands including Wicked Airbrush Paint, Candy Airbrush Paint, Hobby Lobby Airbrush Paints, Spectra Airbrush Paint, Testors Airbrush Paint, Model Airbrush Paint, Com Art Airbrush Paint, Badger Airbrush Paint, Xotic Airbrush Paint, Kustom Shop Airbrush Paint and many more. Special types of paints such as transparent airbrush paints, powder airbrush paints, acrylic airbrush paints, lacquer airbrush paints, airbrush auto paints and urethane airbrush paints can also be found here.

The tips of airbrushes tend to wear out with use. Some inks and paints also have an abrasive effect on the tips. You will need to keep replacement tips and accessories handy. We also provide a range of spare parts and tools for all your airbrushing needs.

Air compressors that we offer come in various sizes and types. Right from mini air compressor kits and small compressors to full sized pro models of air compressors can be found for sale. Badger compressors are featured in our section of air compressors.

We also have in stock other items and material related to airbrushing including books and DVDs which contain all the information you will ever require on airbrushing.

All of these products and many more are making good sales off our website. Dual action airbrushes and golden airbrush paint are some items which have seen increased sales lately.

The airbrushing section of our website broadly encompasses the following:

  • Single action and dual action airbrushes and kits
  • Beginner level small sized kits
  • Full sized professional level kits
  • Airbrush guns and other airbrushing accessories
  • Airbrush cleaning and maintenance tools
  • Airbrush compressors, parts and accessories
  • Airbrush paints, additives, lacquers and enamel
  • Spray Airbrush booths
  • Additional material including books and DVDs
  • Shipping to all major cities including San Diego
We are a one stop destination for all things related to airbrushing and are proud to offer products at the best and most affordable rates.

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