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Size, Shape, and Grip Matter! Pick a Watercolor Brush Right For Your Needs!

Watercolor painting is an enjoyable way to express yourself creatively. This kind of painting is pleasurable for many painters, and is a great starting point for entering the world of painting. Whether you are a seasoned watercolor painter with many prized creations of your own, or a brand new painter looking to get started, our online web store carries any and all products you need to begin painting watercolors on your own.

What sets watercolors apart from other kinds of paintings are the types of paints used. With watercolor paint, the color pigments are suspended in a water soluble liquid, giving each color in the painting a purer, cleaner hue, as there are very few fillers in the paint which dilute the pigment.

Since watercolor paints are thinner than other kinds, such as acrylic, your watercolor brush selection is important when creating the effect you want. Most watercolor paint brushes are designed with the viscosity of watercolor paints in mind, and are built to work with a more gentle use for the fragiler watercolor paints.

The type of brush you choose to use while painting heavily influences how your work will look when it is finished. With all kinds of watercolor brushes and brush sets available through our catalog, you'll find just the tools you need to paint your masterpiece.

Watercolor paint brushes are relatively simple in construction. The three main parts of a brush are the handle, the ferrule and the tuft.

The handle is usually made of lacquered wood, and is a bit shorter than most other kinds of paint brushes, such as the ones used in oil painting. Usually they are widest just behind the ferrule, making them easier to use when using a close grip for paint strokes.

Then you have the ferrule, which is what encases the material of the brush tuft. It acts as a support to the tuft and prevents the brushes from unbinding, and also keeps the glue which attaches the ferrule and handle intact.

Lastly you have the tuft, which is the part of the brush that actually touches the watercolor paint. Tufts are made of fibers that are bundled together and attached to the handle, and are usually made of animal hair or are synthetic. Tufts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, many of which are carried in our online store and available for sale.

The size and shape of your paintbrush tuft is also crucial to the kinds of strokes you are looking to use when painting your art piece.

A 'round' watercolor brush has an all purpose type of tuft and can come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 0 to as high as 24 or higher. The smaller the number, the smaller the ferrule, which makes for a smaller point the fibers form. You can use a round brush for almost any kind of stroke, since their size range and shape allows for versatile painting techniques.

A 'flat' brush has a tuft that is pressed to form a wedge like shape. Normally used to create broader paint strokes, a flat brush can be used to cover large areas with the same color in shorter time. You can use flat brushes to create large areas of color like a sky or a ground.

A 'fan' brush is one with a tuft that is shaped just like a fan. These kinds of brushes can be used in a variety of ways, but are mainly used for texturing and blending.

A 'mop' brush is a brush that is typically made of squirrel hair and has many fibers within the tuft. These kinds of brushes can hold very high volumes of paint at one time, and as such can be used when you need to cover large areas quickly, similar to a flat. Mop brushes can also be used when softening or blending paint strokes.

You will see from our product catalog that you not only have these kinds of watercolor brushes to choose from, but you also have many other different brush sizes and shapes to select when deciding how to paint your masterpiece. Our products come from some of the best watercolor brush brands available.

The Princeton brushes we carry are of the highest quality; handmade, they use only the finest hairs in the tufts to ensure you get the best values for the price you pay. You'll find round watercolor brushes of all sizes, and brushes in various shapes to add into your painting tool box (round, angular shader, tight spot detailer, dagger stippler, deer foot stippler, liner, filbert, flat shader, fan, monogram, spotter and more). You'll also find various handle sizes and accessories on our online store. We also carry the Princeton Full Brush display, which gives you over one hundred and fifty different brush kinds and sizes, making sure you have full freedom when painting your watercolor.

In addition to Princeton brushes, we also carry a wide assortment of Royal & Langnickel brushes. With over sixty years of brush making experience, artists around the world stick to Royal & Langnickel because of their use of state of the art technologies during their brush production process. Our site offers you brushes ranging from size zero to size twenty for round brushes. Other tuft shapes include liner, angular, glaze wash, oval wash, wisp, filbert, shader, short liner, fan wisp, dagger stippler, monogram and more. We also have watercolor brush sets from Royal & Langnickel; the full display comes with two hundred and sixteen brushes!

Take your pick from our catalog and find the right brush for you. You can't buy these brushes for these cheap prices anywhere else; take your pick and place your order! If you have any questions about our store catalog, please reach out to us via our email support address.

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