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When your art studio looks like a mess, it's just impossible to focus on creating artworks. And this is not only because it's in a mess but because it's a real challenge and a complete waste of time to find the necessary art supplies in such chaos. However, there is always a way out and going back to the point, a messy art studio is an easily resolved issue. All you need to straighten it up is to organize things properly and find the right place for each item. This may sound a bit scarily but it's not as twisted as it looks, especially with our art storage boxes and containers.

In our store, we carry a wide range of special storage solutions for different art materials including portable art storage containers of different sizes. That's why we've prepared this buying guide with some useful tips for you on choosing boxes and containers for your art supplies. Here you will also find information on the efficient organization of your art studio with storage containers.

Why use art storage boxes and containers

As was already mentioned above, art boxes and containers are a nice way to organize your working area. But their nonetheless important function is to keep and protect your painting and drawing materials. For your convenience, we've gathered here a variety of

  • tray boxes for art materials

  • art magnetic boxes and storage folders

  • caddies for art and craft supplies

  • art storage satchels

  • plain air kits

  • scrapbook storage boxes

  • portable storage cases

  • art and craft supply drawer cabinets

  • art paper storage racks

  • stands

  • art and craft storage jars.

Many art and craft toolboxes feature several compartments with removable dividers. These will help you easily sort out your paint bottles, pencils, brushes, knitting and sewing supplies, fabrics, jewelry, tools for cake decorating, and many other art and craft supplies.

You can as well find art storage containers with comfortable carry handles for safe and easy transport of various art and craft materials. Read our buying guide on Transporting & Carrying Art Materials to learn more about traveling with artists' supplies and be always head-on with our products for easy and comfortable carrying and transporting of art materials.

How to choose the right storage option for art supplies

The most obvious and easiest approach to the classification of art storage boxes is to distinguish them according to the materials they are made of. So, let's not deviate from this principle and find out which art storage containers are best for your purposes.

Cardboard art storage boxes

These art supply storage solutions are a good choice for keeping cards, photos, scrapbooks, and different papers. It's easy to label them what's convenient in case you want to simplify the search among a number of other boxes. Besides, cardboard storage boxes are the cheapest option among art storage containers. On top of that, they're pretty durable and lightweight, so you can without any doubt take them along on your travel. But do not forget to use a tape in order to keep everything inside the box. Here it's also important to stress that cardboard storage boxes are not stable with moisture. For this reason, it's not recommended to use them for storage of liquid art mediums and under wet conditions in general.

Wooden storage boxes for art supplies

On the one hand, wooden storage boxes are some of the most decorative among art storage containers. On the other, aside from their attractive appearance, they are very useful. These wooden art and craft storage boxes can be a perfect companion for your painting and drawing adventures. Their design takes into account the lightweight efficiency of art boxes. That's why these wooden carriers will be a nice fit for those who like traveling, backpackers, and outdoor painters.

A sturdy construction and convenient carry handles will ensure easy transport of art supplies. Furthermore, these art supply carrying cases provide a nice option for storing art mediums, mixing colors on the palette while holding a plain air box in your hands. In addition, removable compartments allow for perfect storage and organization of a whole variety of art and craft tools along with artworks. Use them to pack up your art materials safely and hit the road in search of new artistic ideas.

Plastic art and craft storage containers

This type of art storage containers is one of the most common among artists and crafters. It's all due to such qualities of plastic materials as a light weight, durability, water resistance, and a great option for shapes and colors. Use them for a travel or store and organize a variety of art and craft supplies in them at home. Plastic art storage containers fit for both purposes. They are capable of withstanding the most rugged conditions. You can arrange them in piles, use on-the-go, or spill water on them - they will safely hold and protect your art supplies. In addition, plastic art storage boxes last longer than cardboard ones though they are a bit more expensive.

Metal storage boxes for art materials

Metal art supply boxes are the sturdiest and, accordingly, safest storage option. Usually, they are foam lined on the inside so that you could carry fragile art supplies in them. Metal art storage boxes will provide a solid protection for your valuable tools while storing as well as throughout your travels.

Tips on organizing art supplies at home

  • Put large heavy items in smaller art supply boxes, and vice versa, hold lightweight small art supplies in larger containers. This way, you can save yourself troubles with overloading.

  • Attach labels to your art storage containers. In doing so, you can avoid spending time on the search for the necessary items.

  • Choose quality art storage solutions. Although such boxes and containers cost a little more they will serve you for a much longer time.

  • Make a choice in favor of art storage boxes and containers that will surely work for you. This means that your new storage options should meet your requirements of safety and compactness yet offer enough space for your art supplies.


And yep, organizing and reorganizing can take up much time but it's definitely worth it. Once you carry it out, you'll see that there is far more space in your art studio. It might also surprise you how all your art supplies can fit in several boxes. Moreover, moving to a new place or going on a trip is so much easier with properly organized art tools and mediums. It would be no exaggeration to say that art storage containers are an important means of getting the most out of your art and craft projects.

Browse our art and craft storage boxes and containers and find the right fit for easy organization of your art materials.

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