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Count on Carson to bring you and your customers truly innovative, high-quality consumer optics at extraordinary value. We are a leading supplier in consumer optics. Major catalog companies and retailers coast-to-coast rely on Carson for a broad range of products in every category including recreation, sports, hobby, school, and craft. From high-end binoculars to low cost magnifiers and everything in between, supported with eye-popping packaging and point-of-purchase displays, our dedicated sales team makes sure the product you need gets on the floor and moves out the door. Innovation, high-quality and extraordinary value... today's smart consumers demand it. Carson delivers it. Please call or email if you have any questions concerning our products. Thank you!

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See details Canson Drawing Paper Display Assortment
SKU: ALV-C100511138D

* Contents: assortment of 25 drawing papers.

List Price :US$ 2,871.00
Our Price : US$ 1,792.86 , save 38%

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See details Canson Montval Artist Series Art Pad Display Assortment
SKU: ALV-C100511112D

* Contents: 12 ea of Universal Sketch, Class Cream Drawing, Tracing Pad, XL Mix Media, Recycled Sketch, Recycled Drawing and 9 ea of Montval Watercolor and Recycled Two-Sided Bristol. Size: 25½"w x 72"h x 14"d.

List Price :US$ 2,398.50
Our Price : US$ 1,395.74 , save 42%

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See details Carson® Clip and Flip™ Magnification Lenses: 1.5x, Eyeware, (model CCF10), price per each

Flip-up 1.5x power magnifying lenses that turns any pair of regular glasses into a flip-down hands-free magnifier. These lenses assist with hobbies crafts reading or any other fine detail work. Includes a storage pouch. S...

List Price :US$ 10.00
Our Price : US$ 7.41 , save 26%

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See details Carson® DeskBrite™ LED Magnifier Desk Lamp: Metallic, 2x/5x, 4.3", Desk, (model CLM20), price per each

This lamp has a 2x lens with a 5x power spot lens and features two super-bright LED lights. Its large 4" crystal clear acrylic lens provides a large viewing area for any art hobby or craft. It also has a flexible neck that...

List Price :US$ 46.00
Our Price : US$ 31.52 , save 31%

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See details Carson® LED MicroBrite Plus™ Pocket Microscope: 60x - 100x, Pocket, (model CMM300), price per each

This pocket microscope has a powerful 60-120x magnification with an extremely lightweight and portable design. It features a built-in LED light that provides a bright clear image and a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable v...

List Price :US$ 17.00
Our Price : US$ 12.50 , save 26%

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See details Carson® LED Pocket Magnifier™: 2.5x/5x/6x, Pocket, (model CPM33), price per each

A multi-power LED lighted magnifier. This hand-held tool has three magnification powers: 6x 5x and 2.5x and features a crystal-clear acrylic lens. So compact it can easily fit in a pocket or purse! Related video: . Spec...

List Price :US$ 10.59
Our Price : US$ 7.85 , save 26%

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See details Carson® LumiCraft™ LED Hands-Free Magnifier: Black/Gray, 2x/4x, 4.3", Desk, (model CLC15), price per each

Hands-free! Its 4.3” acrylic lens provides a generous viewing area without adding undue stress to your neck. It’s equipped with a bright dual-LED light making viewing easy in low light conditions. The wide bridge and a...

List Price :US$ 15.00
Our Price : US$ 11.03 , save 26%

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See details Carson® MagniLamp™ Lighted Magnifier: White/Ivory, 2x/3.5x, 4.3", Desk, (model CGN55), price per each

Use as a handheld or fully adjustable stand magnifier. Features a built-in light a large acrylic 2x power main lens and a 3.5x power spot lens. 4.3" diameter. Related video: . Specifications: Color: White/Ivory. Magnif...

List Price :US$ 17.00
Our Price : US$ 12.50 , save 26%

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See details Carson® MagniView™ Hand Held 3.5" Magnifier: 2x/4.5x, 3 1/2", Handheld, (model CDS36), price per each

Designed with simplicity in mind! This lightweight magnifier has a top mounted thumb rest to promote a more natural hand position with balanced weight distribution between the lens and handle. This magnifier has a 2x lens ...

List Price :US$ 8.00
Our Price : US$ 5.92 , save 26%

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See details Carson® MagniVisor™ Deluxe Head-Worn Magnifier with Removable LED Light: 1.5x/2x/2.5x/3x, Binocular, (model CCP60), price per each

A hands-free head-worn magnifier with 4 different lenses; (1.5x 2x 2.5x and 3x) and an adjustable headband. The removable LED lamp can be used as a free standing light source too! Great for any fine detail art hobby or cra...

List Price :US$ 58.00
Our Price : US$ 39.42 , save 32%

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See details Carson® MagniVisor™ Head-Worn Magnifier: 2x/3x, Binocular, (model CMV23), price per each

A hands-free head-worn 2x magnifier with a 3x flip-down lens. Includes an adjustable headband. Perfect for all fine detail work in art hobby and craft! Related video: . Specifications: Magnification: 2x/3x. Type: Binoc...

List Price :US$ 29.00
Our Price : US$ 20.67 , save 29%

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See details Carson® MiniBrite™ LED Pocket Slide-Out Magnifier: 5x, Pocket, (model CPO55), price per each

A compact 5x power slide-out magnifier with a protective plastic sleeve. Comes equipped with a built-in LED light. Has a sharp distortion-free view due to its crystal-clear acrylic aspheric lens - no blurring! Compact enou...

List Price :US$ 13.00
Our Price : US$ 9.56 , save 26%

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See details Carson® SureGrip™ Hand Held Magnifier: 2x/10x, 5", Handheld, (model CSG14), price per each

Showcases one of the largest viewing areas of any hand held magnifier! The crystal clear acrylic lens makes it a lightweight alternative to traditional glass lenses. Has an ergonomic handle too. The 2x power primary lens i...

List Price :US$ 18.00
Our Price : US$ 13.23 , save 26%

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See details Carson® SureGrip™ Hand Held or Stand Magnifier: 2x/10x, Handheld, (model CSG16), price per each

Use as a hand held magnifier or pop down the metal legs to create a stand for hands-free use. Has a 2x glass lens with built-in 10x spot magnifier. The rubberized ergonomic handle adds comfort while in hand held use. The r...

List Price :US$ 16.00
Our Price : US$ 11.76 , save 26%

More info

See details Carson® TriView™ Loupe: 3x/6x/9x, Loupe, (model CTV36), price per each

A compact portable folding loupe magnifier with three lenses. Each lens contains 3x power magnification. Combine two lenses for 6x; three lenses for 9x. This loupe is lightweight portable and comes in a protective case.US ...

List Price :US$ 9.00
Our Price : US$ 6.66 , save 26%

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