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Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Color Paint Display: 37ml 24" Assortment

SKU: ALV-1294124
Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Color Paint Display: 37ml 24" Assortment
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US$ 4,752.73

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Product description

* Contents: 3 each of 118 colors, 6 each of titanium white

Product Contents:

Qty.SKUProduct Name
3ALV-1214004Oil Color 37ml Alizarin Crimson
3ALV-1214025Oil Color 37ml Bismuth Yellow
3ALV-1214034Oil Color 37ml Blue Black
3ALV-1214042Oil Color 37ml Bright Red
3ALV-1214056Oil Color 37ml Brown Madder
3ALV-1214058Oil Color 37ml Bronze
3ALV-1214059Oil Color 37ml Brown Ochre
3ALV-1214074Oil Color 37ml Burnt Sienna
3ALV-1214076Oil Color 37ml Burnt Umber
3ALV-1214084Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Green Pale
3ALV-1214086Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Lemon
3ALV-1214089Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Orange
3ALV-1214094Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Red
3ALV-1214097Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Red Deep
3ALV-1214106Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Scarlet
3ALV-1214108Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Yellow
3ALV-1214111Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Yellow Deep
3ALV-1214118Oil Color 37ml Cadmium Yellow Pale
3ALV-1214137Oil Color 37ml Cerulean Blue
3ALV-1214142Oil Color 37ml Charcoal Grey
3ALV-1214147Oil Color 37ml Chrome Green Deep Hue
3ALV-1214149Oil Color 37ml Chrome Yellow Hue
3ALV-1214178Oil Color 37ml Cobalt Blue
3ALV-1214180Oil Color 37ml Cobalt Blue Deep
3ALV-1214183Oil Color 37ml Cobalt Chromite Green
3ALV-1214184Oil Color 37ml Cobalt Green
3ALV-1214190Oil Color 37ml Cobalt Turquoise
3ALV-1214191Oil Color 37ml Cobalt Turquoise Light
3ALV-1214192Oil Color 37ml Cobalt Violet
3ALV-1214201Oil Color 37ml Cremnitz White
3ALV-1214214Oil Color 37ml Copper
3ALV-1214217Oil Color 37ml Davy's Grey
3ALV-1214242Oil Color 37ml Flake White Hue
3ALV-1214246Oil Color 37ml Flake White #1
3ALV-1214257Oil Color 37ml Flesh Tint
3ALV-1214263Oil Color 37ml French Ultramarine
3ALV-1214283Oil Color 37ml Gold
3ALV-1214285Oil Color 37ml Gold Ochre
3ALV-1214294Oil Color 37ml Green Gold
3ALV-1214317Oil Color 37ml Indian Red
3ALV-1214319Oil Color 37ml Indian Yellow
3ALV-1214320Oil Color 37ml Indian Yellow Deep
3ALV-1214321Oil Color 37ml Indanthrene Blue
3ALV-1214322Oil Color 37ml Indigo
3ALV-1214330Oil Color 37ml Iridescent White
3ALV-1214331Oil Color 37ml Ivory Black
3ALV-1214337Oil Color 37ml Lamp Black
3ALV-1214347Oil Color 37ml Lemon Yellow Hue
3ALV-1214362Oil Color 37ml Light Red
3ALV-1214379Oil Color 37ml Manganese Blue Hue
3ALV-1214380Oil Color 37ml Magenta
3ALV-1214386Oil Color 37ml Mars Black
3ALV-1214395Oil Color 37ml Mars Violet Deep
3ALV-1214400Oil Color 37ml Mauve Blue Shade
3ALV-1214425Oil Color 37ml Naples Yellow Deep
3ALV-1214426Oil Color 37ml Naples Yellow Light
3ALV-1214447Oil Color 37ml Olive Green
3ALV-1214459Oil Color 37ml Oxide Of Chromium
3ALV-1214465Oil Color 37ml Payne's Grey
3ALV-1214468Oil Color 37ml Permanent Alizarin Crimson Hue
3ALV-1214479Oil Color 37ml Permanent Carmine
3ALV-1214481Oil Color 37ml Permanent Green
3ALV-1214482Oil Color 37ml Permanent Green Deep
3ALV-1214483Oil Color 37ml Permanent Green Light
3ALV-1214489Oil Color 37ml Permanent Magenta
3ALV-1214491Oil Color 37ml Permanent Mauve
3ALV-1214502Oil Color 37ml Permanent Rose
3ALV-1214505Oil Color 37ml Perylene Black
3ALV-1214511Oil Color 37ml Pewter
3ALV-1214526Oil Color 37ml Phthalo Turquoise
3ALV-1214538Oil Color 37ml Prussian Blue
3ALV-1214540Oil Color 37ml Prussian Green
3ALV-1214543Oil Color 37ml Purple Madder
3ALV-1214544Oil Color 37ml Purple Lake
3ALV-1214545Oil Color 37ml Quinacridone Magenta
3ALV-1214548Oil Color 37ml Quinacridone Red
3ALV-1214552Oil Color 37ml Raw Sienna
3ALV-1214554Oil Color 37ml Raw Umber
3ALV-1214557Oil Color 37ml Raw Umber Light
3ALV-1214558Oil Color 37ml Raw Umber (Green Shade)
3ALV-1214573Oil Color 37ml Renaissance Gold
3ALV-1214576Oil Color 37ml Rose Dore
3ALV-1214587Oil Color 37ml Rose Madder Genuine
3ALV-1214599Oil Color 37ml Sap Green
3ALV-1214603Oil Color 37ml Scarlet Lake
3ALV-1214617Oil Color 37ml Silver
3ALV-1214635Oil Color 37ml Terra Rosa
3ALV-1214637Oil Color 37ml Terre Verte
6ALV-1214644Oil Color 37ml Titanium White
3ALV-1214646Oil Color 37ml Transparent Gold Ochre
3ALV-1214647Oil Color 37ml Transparent Red Ochre
3ALV-1214648Oil Color 37ml Transparent Brown Oxide
3ALV-1214653Oil Color 37ml Transparent Yellow
3ALV-1214655Oil Color 37ml Transparent White
3ALV-1214657Oil Color 37ml Transparent Maroon
3ALV-1214667Oil Color 37ml Ultramarine Green Shade
3ALV-1214672Oil Color 37ml Ultramarine Violet
3ALV-1214676Oil Color 37ml Vandyke Brown
3ALV-1214678Oil Color 37ml Venetian Red
3ALV-1214692Oil Color 37ml Viridian
3ALV-1214706Oil Color 37ml Winsor Blue Red Shade
3ALV-1214707Oil Color 37ml Winsor Blue Green Shade
3ALV-1214708Oil Color 37ml Winsor Emerald
3ALV-1214720Oil Color 37ml Winsor Green
3ALV-1214721Oil Color 37ml Winsor Green Yellow Shade
3ALV-1214722Oil Color 37ml Winsor Lemon
3ALV-1214724Oil Color 37ml Winsor Orange
3ALV-1214725Oil Color 37ml Winsor Red Deep
3ALV-1214726Oil Color 37ml Winsor Red
3ALV-1214730Oil Color 37ml Winsor Yellow
3ALV-1214731Oil Color 37ml Winsor Yellow Deep
3ALV-1214733Oil Color 37ml Winsor Violet Dioxazine
3ALV-1214744Oil Color 37ml Yellow Ochre
3ALV-1214745Oil Color 37ml Yellow Ochre Light
3ALV-1214746Oil Color 37ml Yellow Ochre Pale
3ALV-1214748Oil Color 37ml Zinc White

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