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Buying the right Airbrush Compressor

Along with an airbrush and paint the third vital piece of airbrushing equipment you will need is an airbrush compressor. In order to make the right choice it's important that you understand why you need a good air compressor. The compressor connects to the airbrush via a hose and regulates air pressure to the airbrush. You can buy low budget airbrushes that are adapted for canned air but this can get expensive very quickly and rarely produces accurate airflow. Without a good air regulator it will be impossible to get good results from even the finest airbrush so it is important to buy the best airbrush compressor that you can afford.

How do I choose a good airbrush compressor?

A little research will help you identify the best airbrush air compressor for your needs. Compressors come in different forms to meet different jobs. You can buy a general-purpose compressor but these can be very noisy and don't provide the fine air regulation of a specialist model. Airbrush compressors are designed to minimize pulsation and prevent moisture build-up in the air hose. Most enthusiasts prefer a small piston or diaphragm powered compressor that may come with a tank to aid a constant airflow. This may cost a little more than a cheap airbrush compressor but the results will speak, and pay, for themselves. To find the right type of air compressor for airbrush painting you need to ask several questions, including:

  • How much air pressure do I need?
  • Will I need a portable air compressor?
  • Do I need a regulator and gauge?
  • Which air compressor model will run quietly?

For instance, air pressure may vary from 15psi for fine illustration work up to 100psi or more for heavy-duty coverage such as murals. You may want to take your air compressor with you on the move and most serious users will want a regulator for fine air control. If you do not want to get an ear-bashing when using an airbrush for long periods consider a model with automatic shut-off or that comes fully encased such as the Iwata range. The silent-running SilentAire may be the quietest airbrush compressor out there.

What is the range of airbrush compressors?

Whether you need an airbrush compressor with tank, a mini airbrush compressor, the quietest airbrush compressor available, or even the best airbrush compressor kit for makeup depends on your budget and personal needs. To find the best model for you means checking the reviews before you make your choice. Some of the market leaders include the Harbor Freight Airbrush Compressor (branded as the Central Pneumatic Airbrush Compressor), known for its quiet operation and budget value. Another favorite with airbrush enthusiasts is the Badger Airbrush Compressor range, supplied with or without a tank. If you are looking for a complete airbrush and compressor kit take a look at the Master Airbrush Compressor, designed for prolonged operation while being portable and easy to use. It comes with airbrush and connector hose included and is a great choice for both beginners and professionals. The Paasche Airbrush Compressor range suits a variety of budgets from the mini compressor for airbrush up to a middle range model with tank and regulator. For that personal touch consider a portable airbrush compressor such as the Dinair Airbrush Compressor, widely considered to be the best airbrush compressor for makeup. For those into body painting or tanning the Badger Omni Nail Airbrush Kit with compressor provides a complete solution.

Which parts and accessories do I need?

We stock a wide variety of airbrush compressor parts and accessories available to enhance your airbrushing artistry. You may need an adapter to help connect your shiny new compressor to that trusty old airbrush. Or, to complete your airbrush compressor kit, why not invest in an airbrush holder with magnifying glass to keep your hand steady for fine close-up work? A moisture trap will help prevent the build-up of water in the tank that may spurt out of your airbrush when you least expect it. Replacement hoses, 'O' rings and paint bottles are items worth keeping in stock by every airbrush master to save lost time and missed deadlines should the paint dry up while you are in mid creative flow. We also stock spare parts for a variety of airbrush compressors to make sure that your airbrush always keeps up with your inspiration.

Whatever choice you make you will find the right equipment and parts for you right here. Just browse Airbrush Compressors and Accessories to find the best airbrush compressor for you or use the search box above to find the right component for your needs.

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