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Aprons and Smocks

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Heritage Arts™ Extra Large Adult Size Denim Artist Apron; Color: Blue; Material: Denim; Size: Adult; (model DAP2536), price per each
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Heritage Arts™ Extra Large Adult Size Denim Artist Apron; Color: Blue; Material: Denim; Size: Adult; (model DAP2536), price per each

Perfect for any type of project in the home or school these aprons provide a layer of durable protection that won’t inhibit natural movement. Heavyweight blue denim material can withstand repeated washings. Extra large s...

List Price: US$ 21.25
Our Price: US$ 12.86 , save 39%

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Save your clothes and prevent the mess! Your guide to artist apron selection

So, you want to create great works of art without the downsides of a giant mess on your clothes. Painting, sculpting, and airbrushing are all fun mediums to play with as an artist, but you probably aren't doing them right if you don't make a bit of a mess. Thankfully, there is one piece of clothing that is indispensable to you as an artist and will keep your other clothes from becoming artwork themselves, an apron!

An apron is a kind of protective garment that mostly protects the front of your body. While mostly used for hygienic reasons and to protect clothes from wear, tear and stains, they may also be used as part of a uniform for certain professions or even as decorative garments. Depending on what you need from your apron, there are many different kinds available. Mainly, aprons are categorized into two kinds: ones that cover the front of your body from the neck all the way down to below the waist, and one that offers only protection from the waste down without the use of a bib.

The word 'apron' itself is derived from the French word 'naperon', which means napkin or small tablecloth. Originally aprons were designed to be worn by men in different trades such as butchering, black smith work, etc., where each profession was denoted by their color of the apron worn. Later in time, women began wearing aprons with small compartments in them to hold items that helped them clean around the house. Today, aprons are considered equally appropriate for both genders across a variety of occupations such as a chef, nurse, blacksmith, scientist, carpenter and more.

Typically, aprons are usually held in their place with two strings or ribbons that attach to the back and can be fastened into a knot. A bib apron might have a single loop that is designed to fall over the neck to hold it in place, which is very common now days for their ease of wear. It is also possible for aprons to have ribbons that criss-cross in the back and attach to the waistband. These kinds of aprons are more comfortable to wear than the typical bib ones, which can impair movement and cause neck aches if fastened too tight. Aprons for kids are usually adjusted for smaller sized torsos.

Aprons are a great way to protect your clothing from any damage when performing tasks that might get messy, such as painting, pottery or sculpting. Depending on your needs, different types of aprons might suit you. We've got different products available for sale through our online store catalog, so you'll be sure to find something that fits your needs. Below are some of the common kinds of aprons popular for artists.

Pinafores are sleeveless upper body garments that can stand on their own or double as aprons and smocks. Typically, they are worn by girls or women and might be worn over a blouse or by itself, and are very common as childrens aprons. These garments cover the upper body from the neck down and can extend shortly below the waist or as long as below the knees. Usually they are tied below the neck from the back or have buttons that run up along the back. While they are sleeveless, pinafores have a full shoulder covering, which differ from traditional bib aprons that do not offer that kind of coverage.

A tabard is another kind of apron that is widely used in different occupations. This kind of apron covers most of the upper body on both the front and back sides. Typically they are sleeveless, but can cover the body from the neck bone to the waist or even as long as past the knees. A canvas apron is typically common of a tabard. They usually have side ties or waste bands that can be used to adjust the tightness of the garment, and can be fixed or adjusted from the back.

Another kind of apron is a bungalow apron. Generally used by women for at home jobs like cleaning and housework, these garments were very simple in design and differ from their counterparts in that usually they had long sleeves and few fasteners. While tabards and pinafores were designed to be worn over other garments such as shirts and blouses if need be, bungalow aprons were intended to be worn alone with nothing underneath.

Tuxedo aprons are very common with wait staff and other kinds of restaurant workers. These kinds of aprons are very similar to a bib in functionality and design, but are created to look more like tuxedos. Generally reserved for higher end restaurants, these aprons can be accompanied with a tie or bow tie.

Lastly you have half waisted aprons, which are very simple in design. These aprons can be as short as covering a foot or so from the waist down to fully covering the legs. Half waist aprons don't cover the upper half of your torso at all, and tie around at the waist with drawstrings or ribbons. Without a bib top, these aprons are limited in the way they can protect your clothing.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different kinds of smocks and aprons available, you'll be able to better select the right one for your needs from our online store. We have different options on sale for you to choose from, each at a cheap price that you won't find through any other art supplies dealer. We sell products that come in fabrics from denim to canvas aprons, with different fits and pocket designs to ensure you have all your art supplies on hand while simultaneously preventing clothing damage. So browse our collection and find the right apron for your needs today!

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